Apple has announced a press conference on March 21, where it is expected with some certainty to release the iPhone SE, a latest version of iPhone 5s. The device is going to be in the interest of Apple lovers who are not happy with the ever increasing size of the iPhone screen, and find iPhone 6 and 6s to be too difficult to handle. Moreover, the 5s is expected to come at a much lower price than next gen models.

iPhone SE

In a video (see below) revealed in China that appears to present us with a first look at the iPhone SE, it seems that the device has been designed to be radically different from what we expected of it. The screen is four inches, to keep it in the interest of the target demographic, yet it consolidates the goods offered by both the 5s and the 6s in a single set. The size of the screen is smaller, the edges are rounded, and it’s thicker.

Expert opinions, like this one, for example, state that it is highly unlikely that the phone the lady in the video is holding in her hands is a real iPhone SE. However, the YouTube channel that posted it has a reputation for coming up with Apple Hacks, and it’s likely that the phone is a makeshift device composed of original parts of iPhone SE that had become available to techs.

Whether or not the leaked phone is a real iPhone SE will become evident in just a few more days from Apple itself, and we shall keep you updated.


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