An Android emulator is an application designed to install Android operating system on a computer. The Android emulator does not replace your computers main operating system, the emulator is installed as a program.

The number of Android emulators for PC in the market is ever on the rise. All the emulators will claim that they will bring the ultimate Android experience to the screen of your computer. PC users have different reasons to use Android apps on PC. App developers will need very sophisticated emulators while gamers will need an emulator with good video graphics and responsiveness.

Have you considered running Android apps on PC? The list below will provide you with a brief review of the best Android emulators.

1. Andy

best android emulator

Andy is one of the most popular and best Android emulators. This emulator is free and user-friendly. It can run on a Windows PC and Mac. Andy is different from other Android emulators as it allows you to use your smartphone as a controller. This feature is useful when playing games on your PC. The emulator also allows syncing of data between the smartphone and the computer. You can therefore easily use communication apps on the PC.

2. AMIDuos

best android emulator for pc

AMIDuos is a relatively new Android emulator. There are two versions of the application; JellyBean and Lollipop. There are no major differences between the two versions apart from the price. Jelly Bean costs $10 while Lollipop costs $15. You need not worry much about the prices since they are one-time charges. Overall, AMIDuos will run Android apps on PC smoothly. It is ideal for gaming and productivity. Developers may have issues with the emulator since it does not allow device-specific configurations.

3. Bluestacks

best android emulator for pc

Bluestacks Android emulator has smashed several awards. Bluestacks is free to download for both Windows PC and Mac users. Bluestacks is popular among gamers as it uses the dedicated graphics card on your computer to run games. It has a simple user interface that is identical to the Android interface on your phone. You can use the keyboard and mouse on the android apps. Developers can use this Android emulator to test applications.

4. GenyMotion

best android emulator for pc

GenyMotion is one other Android emulator for PC. GenyMotion users praise it for its fast speed. The software comes with amazing developer features. It allows testing and redeployment of Android apps. The software allows access to the webcam or laptop’s camera. This feature is very important when running social media apps and communication apps. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

5. YouWave

YouWave is another one of the best Android emulator for PC that brings the Android experience to the screen of your computer. You can play Android games and use other Android apps on your computer. You can sync app data between your computer and smartphone. YouWave can be downloaded from the app’s official website. There is a free version as well as a paid version. The main problem with the free version is disturbing Ads.

Final  words

An Android emulator allows you to use Android apps on your computer. The big screen and the ability to use the keyboard on android apps does stir some curiosity. Download any of the apps above and have an Android experience on your PC. If you have other Android emulators on your mind use the comment box below.