Adventure-based RPG games are always fun to play because they offer more freedom than a typical RPG game. Yume Nikki is a product of fantastic Adventure, Horror, and RPG elements. With its surreal and epic depiction of events, characters, and the story, you’ll find it quite addictive. The story of Yume Nikki revolves around the character of Hikikomori, a girl from Madotsuki origins. The gameplay lets you explore the dreams of Hikikomori while encountering various horrific creatures, getting swallowed by giant bizarre creatures, meeting various characters and engaging in adventures. With a very unusual story, characters and plot, Yume Nikki is brilliant Adventure-based RPG video game. If you’ve already played it and you are looking for some really entertaining games like Yume Nikki, you should definitely take a look at the following list.

Games Like Yume Nikki

We’ve compiled a list of potentially the best alternatives to Yume Nikki. Hopefully, they’ll help curb your desire of wandering into atypical environments and enjoying at the same time.

1. Claire


First extraordinary title on our list of games like Yume Nikki is the popular Claire. Claire offers a remarkable combination of 2D graphics, Indie and Adventure gaming elements. The game lets you control the character of Claire, a little girl who has the most unusual and weird dreams. The game kicks off with you (Claire) sleeping and in the clutches of a Nightmare. In the dream, a mysterious force pulls you back from the door of your room and leaves you in a Hospital room. Your mother is admitted to the hospital for some unknown reasons.

The main objective of the game is to get out of the Hospital alive. To complete the objectives, you are required to solve various challenging puzzles, encounter strange creatures and collect items. You’ll have to interact with ghosts, find ways to evade the darkness and bizarre creatures while accompanying your dog, Anubis. Your journal provides you with objectives and clues that might help you solve the puzzles. So, are you ready to take on the role of Claire? If you are a hardcore Puzzle, Adventure, and Horror games fan, Claire would certainly be a great entertainer for you.

2. Phantasmagoria

Games like Yume Nikki phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria is a remarkably interesting mix-up of Action, Adventure, Horror, and Interactive rudiments. The game offers an easy Point-and-Click gameplay with a great story and unique characters. Despite being an old title, Phantasmagoria is still popular among the Horror games fans. The story focuses on the characters of a Writer named as Adrian and her husband Donald, a Photographer by profession. The couple buys a Mansion previously owned by a Magician named Zoltan. Zoltan gets vanished as a result of Dark magic, the Mansion gets vacant and the couple buys it. Soon after moving in, the strange events start to happen. This triggers the curiousness of both Adrian and Donald and the game begins. You as the player are allowed to select any of the two characters. The objective is to explore the mansion, find ways to renounce the demon to hell and find truth about Zoltan.

The gameplay of Phantasmagoria is primarily based on Point and Click characteristics. It requires you to explore the mansion, find clues to solve various puzzles and interact with the objects. There are countless challenging puzzles on every step in the game, so it won’t let you get bored. With an eerie gameplay, surreal environments, and realistic sounds, Phantasmagoria is one unbelievable horror game to play. Because of being one of the best games like Yume Nikki, you’ll find it quite engaging and immersive at the same time. Do give it a try.

3. To The Moon


This remarkable creation of Freebird Games is one most anticipated title of this genre. To The Moon offers the most predictable and astonishing combination of RPG, Adventure, and Horror elements. With a variety in gameplay and a searing good story, To The Moon’s depicts Technological and advanced events brilliantly. The story is based on a Technology developed by Sigmund Corporation that can create artificial memories. It helps the near dead people, relive their whole life and complete their final and most longed wishes. Focusing on the characters of Doctor Rosaline and Dr. Watts, it offers the most unusual experience ever.

Your objectives are to follow both of the doctors and help Johnny travel To The Moon via his memories. As part of Johnny’s memories, you’ll have to create new and old memories for Johnny while exploring deep down in his conscience. You must help Johnny feel like he did visit the Moon in his lifetime. To The Moon of To The Moon is based on all the standard RPG and Puzzle mechanics. 2D graphics and, exploration, puzzle solving, rewarding story, and no battles at all, you’ll find To The Moon as a totally different yet exciting game to play. So are you ready to get mingled up with poor old Johnny’s memories? You should be because To The Moon is one of the most exciting games like Yume Nikki you’ll ever play.

4. Misao


Misao is probably one of the best Games like Yume Nikki to play. It’s developed using the most advanced Wolf RPG editor by a developer from Japanese origins. The game offers a free-to-play Action, Adventure, and RPG Horror experience. Just like Yume Nikki, Misao’s story revolves around a character of a Girl named as Aki. Aki is a High School Student with some odd abilities to hear the voices of deceased people. According to the storyline, a fellow student named as Misao goes missing. After a long search, Misao gets declared as dead and that’s when Aki starts hearing Misao’s voices. Shortly after that, strange events start to happen and a result, the whole school gets transferred into a dark world. Soon after that, the occurrence of bizarre creatures such as Ghosts and ghouls starts to happen.

This is where you can get into the play. As Aki, your task is to help your fellow students, find all the missing body parts of Misao. To complete the objectives, you’ll have to solve some challenging puzzles and defeat all the evil forces. With an eerie and quite dramatic gameplay, horror filled dark environments, strong dialogue, and easy controls; Misao is a combination of the most authentic aesthetics you’ll ever see in a game like this. If you love playing games with horror and gory games, Misao is your best, bet. Do give it a try, it’ll definitely send chills down your spine.

5. Corpse Party


As the title suggests, Corpse Party is one of the most unusual video games of this particular genre. The gameplay is quite similar to Yume Nikki’s but it offers a totally different story. Released back in 1996, soon after the release, Corpse Party became an instant hit. Followed by many re-releases, Sequels, and Spin-offs, Corpse Party remains the most popular and well-liked titles in the series. The game is set in an alternate history era. Its story revolves around a high school, its students, and all the strange happenings that occurred there. A Cultural Festival gets organized at the school and at the ceremony’s end; a portal to another world opens up.

The portal shows the students another version of the school but the students are gone and ghouls have taken over. The only hope to save the school from ghouls and reviving the students is Satoshi Mochida, a female student. It is now your task to control the character of Satoshi and complete the objectives to progress in the game. With a linear gameplay, top-down perspective, exploration, and object interaction, and beautiful graphics, Corpse Party is a remarkable Horror and RPG video game to play.

6. Palette

palette Games like Yume Nikki

One of the Classics, Palette is a remarkable amalgamation of Action, RPG and Horror aesthetics. The story of the game is quite simple yet engaging. It’s centered around the character of a young girl named as B.D. B.D is an amnesiac who seeks the help of doctor Shianosu B. Shian, a psychiatrist. Your task is to control the character of Dr. Shian and explore the world of her twisted consciences. The game world is all made of perverse puzzles and mazes and it’s filled with all kinds of bizarre elements. You are allowed to control the character of B.D for the most of the game.

With the motives to explore your own world, you must solve puzzles with the help of various objects. The solved puzzles are a way to find clues about what really is the problem with B.D. So, you must solve puzzles, inspect and collect objects, while keeping in dialogue with Dr. Shian. The ultimate goal is to restore the lost memories of B.D, so moving forward is critically important or else you’ll be the cause of B.D gone mad. Despite being an old title, Palette is still so popular among all the hardcore Horror and RPG fans. You should definitely try it out too. The palette is one of the most outstanding games like Yume Nikki to enjoy.

7. Ao Oni


Ao Oni is a free-to-play dialogue-oriented Horror and RPG video game. The story of Ao Oni follows the footsteps of the standard modern day room escape games. Its focus is on the character of Hiroshi who gets trapped in an abandoned mansion along with her friends. The mansion turns out to be haunted and that’s when the real story begins. It’s occupied by a mysterious force named as Oni, a large Blue figure with a strange face. Oni continues to haunt Hiroshi and turns her friends into Blue humanoids and that’s when you get into the play.

Your task is to explore the mansion, collect various objects and solve a series of puzzles to collect the clues. The clues will help free your friends and save yourself from Oni. Ao Oni is built around the idea of Survival and that’s why it’s the most important part of the game. You are required to save yourself from Oni while exploring and solving puzzles. If Oni captures you, you’ll turn into the blue Humanoid like your friends and the game will end for you. Based on its remarkable narrative, Ao Oni is one of the best games like Yume Nikki if Horror and RPG elements are your favorites.

8. The Witch’s House

the-witchs-house Games like Yume Nikki

The Witch’s House has a meticulous spot in the genre of Horror and RPG games. This exciting title is a remarkable presentation of a Text and Dialogue-based RPG experience. In this game, the primary character is of Viola. Viola is a young girl who one day finds herself in a dark forest filled with chunky roses. Feeling trapped, she runs to a lonely house in the forest that holds mysteries and stories of its own. Once inside the house, Viola gets trapped and the only way to survive is to escape this God forsaken place. Your objectives are to explore the house, solve puzzles, gather objects and find clues while accompanying a black cat.

The clues help unlock more areas of the house wired with more puzzles and the game continues to go on. Every new puzzle in the game is connected to the previous. This makes the game even more interesting. Witch’s House has multiple endings and they all base upon your actions. With a standard Dialogue-based Room Escape and horror gameplay, The Witch’s House is an immersive game to play. If you like to try out something a bit different from games like Yume Nikki, you should play The Witch’s House. It’ll entertain you well.

9. Mad Father


On our list of games like Yume Nikki, Mad Father is the most classically accurate title. This game is free-to-play and it blends in Puzzle with Horror and RPG elements beautifully. With a similar approach to Games like Yume Nikki, Mad Father provides with plenty of room for the gameplay. The story revolves around the character of Aya Drevis, a young German girl who always stays at home. Aya’s father is a mad scientist who owns a private lab located in the basement in his house. One night Aya wakes up on the sound of a Scream and finds out her house is filled up with supernatural energy and corpses of unknown people.

The only way for Aya to survive is to find her father and get out of the house. As Aya, your task is to explore the house, find your father’s lab and then your father. Due to the recent events, your house is now rigged with challenging puzzles and you are required to solve them. Mad Father offers multiple endings for the game with a good re-playability ratio so you’ll find it quite entertaining. Every ending of the game is based on your actions as Aya, so it totally depends on you how you end it. With an incredibly addictive gameplay, beautiful visual and fantastic depiction of all the events, Mad Father is a masterpiece.

10. IB

Games like Yume Nikki

The last entrant on our list of games like Yume Nikki is none other than the groundbreaking IB. IB is a divine product of Action, Adventure, RPG and Interactive Puzzle elements. The game is based on the ideas of a Japanese Artist named as Kouri. The game centers on the character of a Nine years old Girl named as IB. one day IB goes on a visit to a local Museum with her parents and that’s when a bizarre event occurs. While looking at a giant painting IB feels the presence of a strange force and a blackout follows. When electricity illuminates the Museum again, IB is left alone in the museum. Both of her parents along with other people are nowhere to be seen. Museum is locked down and IB has no option instead of finding out about what actually happened.

You control the character of IB and it’s your task to explore and uncover the mystery about the recent events. Follows the color splatters, transport yourself to an alien world that holds the secrets of this world and its own. In the alien world, you’ll find two more characters, Garry and Marry. You can now control all three of the characters and use their abilities individually to solve the puzzles. All the puzzles are made-up of giant paintings, sculptures, and loads of other items. Solving the puzzles is important, because if you fail to solve them, IB stays locked inside the painting. IB offers a rewarding and satisfying story, beautiful graphics and an exciting gameplay to enjoy.

Above are the games closely related to Yume Nikki and they are inclined towards providing you with better alternatives. If you think some of the best games like Yume Nikki are left out, do tell us in comments below.


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