Adventure-based RPG games are always fun to play because they offer more freedom than a typical RPG game. Yume Nikki is a product of fantastic Adventure, Horror, and RPG elements. With it’s surreal and epic depiction of events, characters, and the story, you’ll find it quite addictive. The story of Yume Nikki revolves around the character of Hikikomori, a girl from Madotsuki origins. The gameplay lets you explore the dreams of Hikikomori while encountering various horrific creatures, getting swallowed by giant bizarre creatures, meeting various characters and engaging in adventures. With a very unusual story, characters and plot, Yume Nikki is brilliant Adventure-based RPG video game. If you’ve already played it and you are looking for some really entertaining games like Yume Nikki, you should definitely take a look at the following list.

Games Like Yume Nikki

We’ve compiled a list of potentially the best alternatives to Yume Nikki. Hopefully, they’ll help curb your desire of wandering into atypical environments and enjoying at the same time.

1. Claire


First extraordinary title on our list of games like Yume Nikki is the popular Claire. Claire offers a remarkable combination of 2D graphics, Indie and Adventure gaming elements. The game lets you control the character of Claire, a little girl who has the most unusual and weird dreams. The game kicks off with you (Claire) sleeping and in the clutches of a Nightmare. In the dream, a mysterious force pulls you back from the door of your room and leaves you in a Hospital room. Your mother is admitted to the hospital for some unknown reasons.

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The main objective of the game is to get out of the Hospital alive. To complete the objectives, you are required to solve various challenging puzzles, encounter strange creatures and collect items. You’ll have to interact with ghosts, find ways to evade the darkness and bizarre creatures while accompanying your dog, Anubis. Your journal provides you with objectives and clues that might help you solve the puzzles. So, are you ready to take on the role of Claire? If you are a hardcore Puzzle, Adventure, and Horror games fan, Claire would certainly be a great entertainer for you.