If you are a gamer and you are bored playing all the games you have, playing Cookie Clicker would definitely cheer you up. This remarkable Idle Clicker game is a true time killer especially when you are in the mood of playing games with simple gameplays and easy controls. With a very addictive gameplay and simple interface, Cookie Clicker is a fun Idle Clicker game.

Games Like Cookie Clicker

For all those who’ve played this cool game and are in search of some really exciting and addictive games like Cookie Clicker, the following idle clicker and tapper games would definitely be a great source of entertainment. Let’s check out some of the best alternatives to Cookie Clicker.

1. Bitcoin Billionaire

bitcoin-billionaire games like Cookie Clicker

Bitcoin Billionaire offers an impressively addictive and engaging Idle Clicker/Tapper gameplay. The game allows you to be a billionaire who loves to create Bitcoins and multiply his/her riches. With a very simple gameplay, Bitcoin Billionaire lets you select an avatar and start clicking on the coins. By clicking you actually make the coins double up by every passing second. You can upgrade your clicks while playing the game and that leads to more Bitcoins produced. When you think you’ve enough Bitcoins, you can invest them in various in-game virtual businesses. This helps grown your bank accounts and that means more Bitcoins.


The primary objective of the game is to multiply your Bitcoins, gather more and more of them to start new businesses and enjoy a thrillingly addictive gameplay. With amazing 8-bit style visuals, easy controls, and immersive gameplay, Bitcoin Billionaire is a fun Idle Clicker/Tapper video game. Being one of the best games like Cookie Clicker, Bitcoin Billionaire is hugely popular among the gamers of this particular genre. You should definitely try it out. Bitcoin Billionaire is available to play on Android devices only. You can download it from Google Play Store.

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2. Clicker Heroes

games like Cookie Clicker clicker-heroes

The Second best title that’s a good replacement for games like Cookie Clicker is the popular Clicker Heroes. Clicker Heroes offers a strategy-based Idle Clicker/Tapper gameplay. The game features multiple types of monsters and lets you click or tap on them to kill them. Killing the monsters while stealing their Gold is the primary objective of the game. It helps you buy upgrades and new Hero characters from the in-game store. Damaging the enemies more and taking help from the automated Hero characters helps you earn some good scores as well. So, the enemies you click on per second matters a lot.

Earning the specific amount of gold relies on how fast you click on the enemy monsters. This adds up to your gold generation speed and if you are fast enough, you’ll earn more rewards as well. You can make the gameplay more interesting by buying and adding up more heroes to the play. For this purpose, you’ll have to visit the store more often and enjoy deploying your Heroes strategically. With over 30 unique Hero characters, Legendary characters from the history such as Athena, King Midas, Amenhotep and others, beautiful graphics and a fluent gameplay, Clicker Heroes is a great alternative to the Cookie Clicker. Do give it a try. Clicker Heroes is playable on Android and iOS platforms.

3. Tap Titans

games similar to cookie clicker tap-titans

Tap Titans reinvents this particular genre as it offers a more diverse and engaging gameplay. It mixes up the RPG aesthetics with Idle Clicker/tapper routine and makes the gameplay more versatile than ever before. With a whole bunch of epic Hero characters, Tap Titans lets you select anyone of them and start clicking/tapping n the enemies. every tap kills the enemies and in return, you earn gold. This gold helps you buy upgrades and unlock more hero characters from the in-game store.

With a turn-based-ish and Strategy oriented gameplay, Tap Titans lets you enjoy the game even more with all the amazing sword-wielding heroes and enemies. Furthermore, the game lets you unlock some rare relics that you can pick up during the play and keep them in your inventory as trophies. With a beautiful GUI, immersive gameplay, easy controls and all the amazing enemy slaying Strategy-based experience, Tap Titans is a remarkable addition to the niche of games like Cookie Clicker. You can play Tap Titans on both Android and iOS devices.

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4. The Monolith

games similar to cookie clicker the-monolith

The Monolith is one of the closest ones among games like Cookie Clicker titles. It draws a heavy inspiration from the popular Cookie Clicker and offers a similar gameplay. Instead of Clicking on Cookies, it lets you click on a big boulder-like Egg and with every click it lets you earn Evo Points. You are free to spend these Evo Points on upgrades. The upgrades include automatic Clicks, various Troop Units, various Objects and stuff. You can also craft items such as Fire, Wheel, and loads of other things in the game.

The Monolith takes you back to the Stone ages and allows you to eventually grow into more modernistic eras by clicking your way through different times. The game saving feature lets you save the game if you are done for the day and on the next day, start it out from where you left it. This makes the game more progressive and rewarding at the same time. With a very addictive and immersive gameplay, similar controls as you experienced in Cookie Clicker, and a variety of different objectives, The Monolith is one amazing Idle Clicker video game to play. It’s available to play on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac.

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5. Adventure Capitalist

games like Cookie Clicker adventure-capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is one extremely popular and promising title among games like Cookie Clicker. The game offers the best experience of Idle Clicking and tapping elements. Combined with the beautifully created visuals and an objective-based gameplay, Adventure Capitalist allows you to enjoy the game for hours. A complete package for all the Business oriented gamers, Adventure Capitalist lets you start up your own Virtual Business. You can start the game from a Lemonade Stand and eventually grow into a huge business empire by earning money. The gameplay is quite simple as compared to a lot of other titles of the similar genre. Your task is to keep tapping on the Lemonade stand progress bar. With every tap/click, you’ll earn money that gets added to your virtual account.

Once you have enough money, you can start another business, hire workers, and keep on earning more. There are countless upgrades included in the play as well. You can buy these upgrades by spending some of your money and upgrade the already running business. This helps expand your business and attract more customers. Adventure Capitalist takes you up the ladder with every new business you start or upgrade, hire workers or invest your money into various other options. This keeps your spirits high and makes the game more interesting at the same time. Adventure Capitalist offers beautifully crafted visuals, an immersive gameplay, and easy Tap controls. You can enjoy the game on both Android and iOS platforms.

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6. Virtual Beggar

 games like Cookie Clicker virtual-beggar

Virtual Beggar takes the Idle Clicking/Tapping genre to further heights and allows you to enjoy it in a new remarkable fashion. The game allows you to be a Virtual Beggar and your task is to collect as much money as you can by tapping. The ultimate goal of the game is to build a business empire and collect more money. To collect the money you’ll have to continuously tap on the surrounding buildings, and objects on your screens. Begging money from the passersby adds a bit more spice to the gameplay. The progress in the game depends upon how fast you tap on buildings and objects. If you are lucky you’ll have a lot more in less time but if you want you can play the game at a standard pace. This way the gameplay would get a bit slower but more immersive.

Another great feature of Virtual Beggar is that it allows you to hire workers as well. You can place the workers in various spots in the game world. The addition of workers makes the game a bit more exciting as it helps you collect more money in short time.  As the goal of the is to collect money and buy businesses, you’ll have to keep on tapping and buying more businesses. So are you ready to beg in the streets, manage workers and multiple businesses? Well, you should be because Virtual Beggar is one of the most exciting and challenging Tapping/Clicking games like Cookie Clicker. Virtual Beggar is playable on Android and iOS.

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7. Time Clickers

games like Cookie Clicker time-clickers

Time Clickers is a new brilliant Idle Clicking and Tapping video game that you can play instead of Cookie Clicker. This extremely addictive and challenging game is developed by Proton Studios and is available for multiple gaming platforms. It tasks you to collect Gold by Clicking rapidly on objects scattered all around the game world and by shooting at the enemies. In the game, you are able to upgrade your clicks by buying power-ups and upgrades from the in-game store. To shoot down the enemies, Time Clickers lets you use guns that can also be upgraded. You can also hire a team of Elite Shooters as well. This will help speed up the enemy elimination and you’ll have more gold in less time.

With a fantastic combination of Shooting and Idle Clicking elements, you’ll witness an innovative and rewarding gameplay in Time Clickers. If you really want to try out something that’s like Cookie Clicker to the core but offers more freedom and plenty of room for the gameplay, you should definitely play Time Clickers. It’s no doubt one of the best games like Cookie Clicker you’ll ever find. Time Clickers can be played on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. You can download it for PC and Mac from Steam.

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8. Clicker Wars

games like Cookie Clicker clicker-wars

Clicker Wars combines the RPG with Idle Clicking and offers a truly outstanding experience of both of the genres. The game leaves you right in the middle of a beautiful world filled with all kinds of monsters, Heroes, and loads of collectible Riches. The game tasks you to click/tap on the monsters and makes them fight against each other. To complete the objectives of the game, Clicker Wars lets you use countless upgrades, power-ups and a number of other items.

Clicker Wars consists of multiple beautiful interconnecting worlds. You are free to explore the worlds, collect power-ups, and keep on tapping on the monsters. With an endless Idle Clicker gameplay, Clicker Wars lets you enjoy collecting loot, and defeating the enemies in epic brawls. With a fantasy-based theme, beautiful visuals, immersive and balanced gameplay and all the amazing Hero characters, Clicker Wars ranks high among games like Cookie Clicker. You can enjoy playing Clicker Wars on Android and iOS devices.

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9. Sakura Clicker

games like Cookie Clicker sakura-clicker

Sakura Clicker is an anime-based Idle Clicker video game. The game features an Anime themed play in which it lets you fight against the rival Anime girls. The primary objective is to Click on the Anime girl characters and weaken their strength. Once all of their strength is depleted, Sakura Clicker rewards you with coins. These coins can be used to buy upgrades that help to damage the girls more and earn more coins in less time. The girls come in waves and each wave contains ten girls and a boss character.

As compared to the girls, the boss takes more hits to die and eventually lets you earn more coins. The upgrades in the game include various types of Power-ups, Treasure Chests, Coins, and Weapons. With an immensely challenging, fast-paced and rewarding gameplay, Sakura Clicker lets you enjoy the most impressive fantasy-based RPG and Idle Clicker experience. Considering all the amazing things that Sakura Clicker offers, this extraordinary title is one of the best games like Cookie Clicker to play. Sakura Clicker can be played on PC only.

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10. Candy Box 2

games like Cookie Clicker candy-box-2

The last brilliant title on our list of games like Cookie Clicker is the popular Candy Box 2. This beautiful Idle Clicker game is the direct sequel to the trendy Candy Box video game. With a very simple yet engaging incremental gameplay, Candy Box 2 offers similarities to its predecessor and Cookie Clicker both. It offers a simple ASCII art style and graphics and allows you to enjoy easy mouse-based controls. Your task in the game is to multiply the number of Candies you have via continuously tapping on them. Initially, on every click, Candy Box 2 lets, you have one candy per Click but as you progress in the game, this number keeps or rising. Once you have enough candies, you can either eat them or buy upgrades with them. These upgrades help you increase the rate of per click candies and enjoy earning more candies in less time.

Another great feature of Candy Box 2 is that it starts off with a limited number of items on the screen. This number keeps on increasing as you go further and make different items with the candies you have. You can make Lollipops, weapons and other items with the help of earned candies. If you want to play with minimum options, you can simply keep on creating more and more candies. But, if you want more options unlocked, you’ll need a good number of candies. You can ask for more options via spending some of the candies. With a Health bar on the top, Save feature, Configuration and game map, Candy Box 2 lets you enjoy a simplistic yet exciting Idle Clicker experience. It offers an endless gameplay and is available to play online on PC.

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Honorable Mentions:

  1. Cow Clicker
  2. Cookie Collector
  3. Platypus Evolution
  4. Candy Clicker Pro
  5. Sushi Clickers

Let us know what do you think about the above list of games like Cookie clicker. Are you going to play any of them? Comment below!


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