Monument Valley is a very well balanced Platform and Puzzle video game that made appearance couple of years ago. The game became an instant sensation because of its promising and rewarding gameplay. It’s still very much popular among the Puzzle-Platform circles around the globe. The story of the game revolves around the character of Princess Ida, who traverses through various Puzzle-based Isometric environments. The ultimate purpose of the game is to find an exit that’s hidden in between the mazes scattered all around the game world. With a very Unusual and exciting gameplay, Monument Valley is a remarkably interesting game to play. It satisfies most of the players with its rewarding nature but some remain unsatisfied as the game ends so soon. If you are one of those players, you can go through the following list of games like Monument Valley.

Games Like Monument Valley

This list tends to provide you with some of the most adorable alternatives to Monument Valley. Hopefully, it’ll help cope with the desire to experience something more rewarding and new at the same time.

1. Ghosts of Memories

Games Like Monument Valley ghosts-of-memories

The first entrant on our list of games like Monument Valley is Ghosts of Memories. Ghosts of Memories is a divine mix-up of Adventure, Puzzle, and Platform elements. The game primarily focuses on Physics-based Puzzles in an environment made up of four interconnected worlds. With stunningly beautiful graphics and an immersive gameplay, Ghosts of Memories tasks you to explore these enchanting worlds. These worlds were once home to the Ancient Civilizations and are connected by countless undiscovered Tunnels and strange passageways.

The gameplay of Ghosts of Memories remarkably resembles the one in Monument Valley. It lets you explore the game world while traversing through environments based on Mazes, puzzles, and Tiles. Your task is to control the protagonist, use your Logic and Thinking abilities to solve the challenging puzzles, reach to the points of interest while challenging your wit and enjoy the game. With the brilliant 2.5D graphics, Isometric perspective, realistic scenarios and sounds, a compelling story, and an addictive gameplay, Ghosts of Memories is a fun game to play.

2. Evo Explores

Games Like Monument Valley evo-explores

Evo Explores is a well-liked Puzzle and Adventure Platform Title among games like Monument Valley niche. It draws inspiration from the popular titles such as Monument Valley, Wanderputt and offers a similar gameplay as well. Packed with all the remarkable Gravity defying aspects, Evo Explores features puzzles based on twisted Physics. Both of these aspects are directly controllable by you and your task is to explore the world using your imagination. The world around you is made up of enormous visual Illusions, and impossible physics-based objects. You must solve the Puzzles by manipulating the environments around you and by your imagination. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the true mind-boggling nature of the game.

As a little robot named Evo, your only purpose is to explore the world while solving the puzzles. The secondary objectives of the game are to uncover the secrets about the Planet Byte and all of its occupants. One fantastic feature of the game is that it allows you to create your own Optical illusions, paths, and passageways. That way you’ll be able to solve the puzzles quite easily. With beautiful 3D visuals, over 45 game levels, beautiful soundtracks, and environments, Evo Explores is one of the best games like Monument Valley. Do try it out, it’s fun playing.

3. Outside World


The incredible creation of Little Thingie, Outside World is one of the most adorable Adventure-based Puzzle and Platform video games like Monument Valley. It offers a similar line of gameplay as Monument Valley and features the character of a little girl named Kyrsten. Kyrsten gets lost in a world filled with all kinds of Physics-based challenging puzzles. The game world is built on platforms and as Kyrsten, your task is to explore it to find the way to your home. A ghostly creature named Jaynie accompanies you and guides you through the way.

The primary objective is finding a way back home so you must stay with Jaynie because Jaynie is your only hope. With a well-balanced story, immersive gameplay and involving narrative, Outside World is one amazing Platform and Puzzle video game to play. If you are a true fan of games like Monument Valley, Outside World would definitely let you have the same experience. Try it out and enjoy the ultimate puzzle and adventure fun.

4. Back to Bed


Back to Bed is a great addition to this particular genre. it offers the most exciting combination of 3D graphics, platform and Puzzle elements. The game offers a surreal and twisted experience of gameplay in a world of dreams. It features the character of Bob, a Narcoleptic Sleepyhead, who loves to sleep during his Office hours. Bob Sleepwalks during his travel to dream world as well. One day while asleep, Bob travels to a world filled with all kinds of impossible physics-based puzzles and dangers. Your task is to control the character of Bob, guide him through the environments based on painting-like Cityscapes, walk on platforms, interact with objects and solve the challenging puzzles.

Your subconscious warden named as Subob, helps you deal with all the dangers and bizarre entities while sleepwalking. After clearing a game level, Subob helps you get back to your bed (The Office Chair) and that’s when you wake up. Back to Bed offers a remarkably well-balanced and artistic experience of a Puzzle and Platform game. With a variety of different gameplay elements such as beautiful graphics, physics-based puzzles, striking visuals, and easy controls, Back to Bed is a great replica of games like Monument Valley.

5. EchoChrome

Games Like Monument Valley echochrome

EchoChrome is another popular Adventure and Platform-based puzzle game can be played instead of Monument Valley. The game features a rotatable Physics-based game world and tasks you to explore the world as a Wooden Mannequin. Filled with all kinds of challenging and mind melting puzzles, EchoChrome challenges your imagination. It makes the main character move into game world autonomously and lets you guide it to the end point of any particular level. While walking on the platforms, you must interact with the objects and solve puzzles to complete the objectives.

The movable environment helps you guide the character easily. With over 50 levels of pure awesomeness, immersive gameplay, and beautiful visuals, EchoChrome is truly one of the best games like Monument Valley to play and enjoy. If you want to enjoy something that is primarily like Monument Valley but offers a bit more versatility and freedom in the gameplay, you should definitely try it out. EchoChrome is available to play only on PS3 and PSP.

6. Wonderputt


Wonderputt stands out as one of the most similar and rewarding games that mimics the characteristics of Monument Valley. Set on a floating game world, Wonderputt lets you explore environments made of Sand Dunes; Snow filled Hilltops, and structures built on geometric principles and puzzles. Your only objective is to play Golf and guide the golf ball towards the level end point. During the play, the game world keeps on changing its shape that results in challenging puzzles in your way. You must solve the puzzles by guiding the ball and keep on moving forward.

Wonderputt offers loads of game levels and various difficulty levels for the game. So, if you are getting bored, just set the difficulty level and enjoy the game. With a very similar gameplay to Monument Valley, Wonderputt takes you on an epic journey of Physics-based puzzles. It offers beautiful 3D graphics, an entirely addictive and immersive gameplay, and loads of hours of entertainment. Try it out if you want to play more games like Monument Valley and you’ll definitely enjoy it.

7. Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds


Developed by Possible Games, Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds is a product of Action, Adventure, and Puzzle-platform elements. As compared to typical games of this particular genre and style, calling it a masterpiece would define it very well. The game allows you to control the character of Poco Eco. Poco Eco is an adventurer and curious Explorer who journeys across the game world in search of the Lost Sounds of his Tribe. You are directed to control the character of Poco Eco in the game. You must traverse through the game world, built around impossible and twisted Physics-based puzzles.

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds offers 12 game levels and multiple game difficulty choices. So are you ready to immerse yourself into one of the most exciting and surreal environments? Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds offers beautiful 3D graphics, surreal environments, engaging background music and loads to discover. For all the hardcore Puzzle-Platform games enthusiasts, Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds is a better choice among games like Monument Valley.

8. Magic Flute

Games Like Monument Valley magic-flute

Magic Flute takes this genre to a whole new level with its exciting Adventure, Puzzle, and Platform elements. Created by Lab-like SP. Zo.o, it takes you back to the era of Mozart Classic Opera and allows you to enjoy exploring a beautiful world filled with all kinds of wonders. It engages you into the enchanting gameplay and makes you get lost deep in a story of Love, Passion, and Bravery. It offers over 30 levels packed with challenging puzzles and obstacles.

Your task is to explore the game world, manipulate the objects to solve puzzles and enjoy the game. With a remarkably addictive nature, beautiful 3D visuals, simple controls and enhanced mechanics, Magic Flute is one f the best games like Monument Valley to play and enjoy. Play it instead of Monument Valley if you like and you’ll instantly become a fan of this marvel. Magic Flute is available to play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

9. The Dream Machine


The Dream Machine is a Monument Valley inspired Point-and-Click Adventure and Puzzle video game by Cockroach Inc. The game focuses on dreams about Voyeurism and it consists of total Six Chapters. It allows you to control the character or protagonist named as Victor Neff and tasks you to solve challenging Puzzles. Exploration, puzzle solving and manipulating the objects to overcome the obstacles are the most prominent elements of the game. According to the story, Victor gets married and rents a vacant apartment to live in with his wife. Soon after moving in the apartment, Victor senses something very odd about the apartment and its owner.

The curious inner Victor forces him to investigate about that and he sets out on an unforgettable journey. This epic journey entangles Victor to the bizarre happenings and engages him into some of the most challenging puzzles. Throughout the game, you’ll have to focus on collecting the clues. These clues will lead to the revelation of the matters regarding the owner and the apartment. With a remarkably interesting and enchanting story, beautifully portrayed events and immersive nature of the game, The Dream Machine would definitely be a great entertainer for you. It’s not entirely similar to Monument Valley but it offers the mechanics and puzzles that relate to it well. The Dream Machine is available on Windows and Mac platforms.

10. Lumino City

Games Like Monument Valley lumino-city

Lumino City is a proper homage to the marvelous Monument Valley video game. It literally feels like Monument Valley presented in a new remarkable way. The game features a colorful world where it lets you explore it and solve some challenging puzzles. Going through obstacles, manipulating the objects to solve puzzles and traversing through environments built on the principles of impossible Physics, Lumino City lets you enjoy every bit of it in a different yet exciting way.

It features beautiful handcrafted visuals, an intricate game world, surreal background music, and way better mechanics than any other Monument Valley type game you’ll ever see. For an unforgettable Adventure, Puzzle and Platform experience, you should definitely try it out. It’s undoubtedly one of the best games like Monument Valley you’ll ever play. You can enjoy Lumino City on Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Mac platforms.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Skyward
  2. Shadowmatic
  3. Trainyard
  4. Lara Croft Go
  5. Prune

Hope you liked the above list of games like Monument Valley. If you happen to know more games similar to Monument Valley, share with us in the comments below.


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