Apple has unveiled the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus smartphones, but there is no information on the battery performance of these phones. Hence, until the official numbers arrive, the iPhone 7 Plus can be called the best iPhone with longer battery performance. However, it is no competition to the OUKITEL K3.

At the OUKITEL Lab, the battery performance of the OUKITEL K3 is continuously monitored to ensure that its consumers are happy with its long-lasting prowess. The Chinese firm has released a video that shows battery performance comparison between the OUKITEL K3 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Here is the video:

It is a known fact that the display is one component of the smartphone that consumes a lot of battery juice. In the above video, the brightness on the both phones have been kept full along with maximum volume, and then various kinds of battery tests are performed.

By playing a video game for about one hour, the iPhone 7 Plus loses 26 percent battery power whereas the OUKITEL K3 loses only 8 percent. With one hour of full HD video shooting, the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus is reduced to 37 percent whereas the OUKITEL K3’s battery status comes down to 74 percent. The third test to keep the brightest screen on standby for one hour. OUKITEL’s battery reduces to 68 percent whereas the iPhone 7 Plus ends up with 20 percent battery.

The 3 hours of ultimate power consumption tests between the iPhone 7 Plus and OUKITEL K3 reveals that the latter can deliver better battery performance than the Apple’s flagship.

OUKITEL K3 features a 6,000mAh battery, and it houses a 5.5-inch full HD display. The smartphone also impresses with its elegant glossy appeal. It is packed with dual front and rear cameras. It is powered by MediaTek MT6750T and 4 GB of RAM. It has 64 GB of storage and a front-mounted fingerprint reader.

The global pre-sale of OUKITEL K3 has started during which the smartphone can be availed for $139. The pricing is very competitive similar featured smartphones.


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