ZTE’s premium Star category is ready with a major update. If we are to believe a set of recently leaked renders of the flagship product then we have news for you. The alleged ZTE Star 3 spotted in pictures revealing design of the upcoming star. The body lines are slender and they are in tune with the design standards what this company is famous for with its previous product base.

ZTE-Star-3-leak_5The smartphone in picture features minimalistic bezels around a display giving the feel of a pricey high end phone, at 5.5 inches display although it might not be the case once we handle the actual product. The volume buttons are circular and separately located on the likes of iPhone 4 sit on the right hand side of the device.

What we analyze from the images is that of a power button which is usually located either on top or the upper sides left or right of the phone is not visible. There might be some reason behind it  or the power button is placed somewhere but it is too early to comment at this stage of product development.

The feature that is gathering the most attention is the availability of two rear dual shooters which suggest that the final version may sport a 3D capturing technology or some high end focusing filter effects. As far as color variations are concerned it pictures a dark grey version which is a reminiscent of sandpaper-style back of the OnePlus . The attention grabber is the shiny blue model which is a absolute stunner.

One thing to keep in mind is a check on your expectations as the current ZTE Star 2 model was announced in December 2014; therefore the sequel will be not before June of next year. Therefore we should not get surprised if the future version look completely different or they might blow your mind away, so keep your fingers crossed.


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