AMD has not had much to offer for notebook processors ever since the Steamroller first came into existence. But now it seems like the company is poised to bring a change to that not-so-promising status quo by introducing its Zen-based x86 processors.


We can’t give you a date yet, but according to the folks at WCCFtech who were tipped off by sources familiar with the matter, Zen-based notebooks will probably hit the store shelves sometime in the second-half of 2017.

Regardless of when they actually start shipping, it is beyond any doubt that when they finally do, this will bring AMD a whole new stream of revenue. In other words, this would perhaps be just the ideal way for the chip giant to make a reentry into the mainstream x86 market with full force.

The Zen-architecture holds the key for AMD if it is to make a comeback into the world of mainstream mobility, and judging by the vibe the company has been giving us for some time, it is abundantly clear that they are pretty serious about it.

For example, it recently presented a demo of Zen’s performance using a custom Blender workload. Now, while it is obvious that first party benchmarks are never to be taken on the face value, if the actual performance of Zen is anywhere near what the demo claimed, it is definitely going to be the most critical change in the company’s lineup in the past several years.


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