The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a complete package of multiple brilliant aspects. Combat, game world, Mechanics, and Visuals, everything in the game is quite fascinating. Zelda: Breath of the wild has a unique Weapon System in the game as well. This unique feature adds up to all the other fantastic things and makes the game more entertaining. Unlike other games, in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the weapons you use get weak or sometimes they are broken because of enemy attacks. So, here the question arises! Can we actually repair the damaged, weakened, or broken weapons?

Well, the answer to this question is NO. You cannot repair a broken, damaged, or weakened weapon. But there are certain exceptions to this particular rule in the game. For example, the Master Sword does not ever break. You just have to recharge it every so often. This returns the strength of the Master Sword back and you can attack enemies with massive blows again.

The Repairable Weapons (Lightscale and Ceremonial Tridents)

There are in total two special weapons in the game that can be broken or weakened and repaired. Both of these weapons belong to the Zora’s Domain.

One of those weapons is the powerful Mipha. You can get your hands on this weapon by defeating the Divine Beast Vah Ruta in Zora’s Domain. Once you are able to defeat the beast and you have saved the nation of Zora, you’ll be gifted with Mipha. Mipha is the weapon of the powerful Zora Champion who lived a hundred years ago. It’s called the Lightscale Trident, the two-handed spear that benefits you in Close-range and melee combats, This particular weapon gets degraded and broken because of the powerful enemy blows and the overuse. Thanks to a blacksmith in Zora’s Domain, Lightscale Trident can be repaired and used again.

There is another weapon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild that can also be repaired. This weapon is known as the Ceremonial Trident. Ceremonial Trident is a weaker form of the Lightscale Trident but it acts in the same way. The Zora’s blacksmith can also repair Ceremonial trident if it happens to break.

Weapon Repairs and the Flint

Keep in mind that for repairs, the blacksmith always asks for a good amount of Flint. So while exploring or on missions, don’t forget to collect the Flint whenever you see it. Flint is necessary for Trident repairs, if you don’t have the Flint, you cannot get the weapons repaired.

There are a lot of other weapons in the game too, but they are not repairable. So, the availability of Lightscale Trident is a very good addition to the game. This weapon help takes down a number of challenging enemies so it ranks among the toppers on Link’s inventory.

Do let us know about your repair experiences with both of the Tridents. Also, what do you think about the many useful weapons not being repairable in the game? Please leave a comment below with your opinions.


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