Zelda: Breath of the Wild is full of all kinds of gruesome monsters with some special powers. One of the most challenging and difficult to defeat boss is the Thunderblight Ganon. Thunderblight Ganon possesses the lightning fast speed and keeps on brutally attacking you with all his might. The battle between you and the Thunderblight Ganon lasts up to two stages. This battle can turn up both ways so if you want to defeat the boss you must know all the techniques and strategies. This way you’ll never end up dead or have to re-spawn again.

Thunderblight Ganon Battle – Stage One

As we know that the battle with Thunderblight Ganon lasts for up to two stages. So, let’s have a look at what goes on in the first stage. In the first stage, Ganon will mostly rely on two attacks. During this time Thunderblight’s HP will remain at 50 Percent. One attack is a simple one with low damage but the other is the real deal. So, to survive the attacks of Thunderblight Ganon, switch to a defensive approach. Keep on it until Ganon is exhausted and is vulnerable to some real damage. To defeat the Ganon, it’s better to have a one-handed sword and a shield for easy movement and fast effective blows.

Thunderblight Ganon initially attacks with three lightning balls. These balls are relatively slow and easy to dodge but they can bounce off the walls and that could cause some serious damage to you. So avoid contact with the balls and don’t get caught off guard. Keep track of the movement of the balls until they fade away.

The more damaging move of Thunderblight is the Ganon Wrapping towards yourself in a rapid manner. In this move, Ganon keeps moving in a zigzag manner and in an instant it reaches you with a powerful blow. This attack could totally drain your power and send you back to the earlier spawn point. The best way to avoid this attack of Ganon’s is to let him reach down to you. When near enough, rais your shield to block the attack and make a powerful combo of your own sword attack.

Timing is everything when you face enemies like Thunderblight Ganon. After your Combo attack, do a perfect dodge and backflip and launch your Full Flurry attack. After the powerful blow of the Full Flurry attack, the Ganon will fall to the ground and will be vulnerable to quickly whack him to death. Sometimes the Thunderblight Ganon gets back up before you even get a chance to attack with another Combo. So in a situation like that, repeat the attack and get his power below 50 percent and defeat him.

Thunderblight Ganon Battle: Stage Two

In the second phase or stage of the battle with Ganon, the game gets a little bit more challenging. At this stage, Thunderblight Ganon will appear as a more aggressive and damaging rival. He’ll eventually charge up, jump and throw a number of Metal Spikes at you. Your only chance to get away from this attack is to run away from the area where Spikes will fall. Once at a safe distance, use your magnet to attract one of the metal spikes and throw it overhead towards the Ganon. This will help damage Thunderblight Ganon with his own weapon and it will damage him more. After the powerful blow of the Metal Spikes, Ganon will fall down to the ground and that’s your window to launch a powerful combo to send Thunderbligh Ganon to rest.

After this attack, Ganon will eventually go back to his first attack strategy. All you got to do is to keep track of the lightning balls and avoid them. Once this phase is complete, attack Thunderblight Ganon the way you previously did in stage One. Remember not to get into contact with the lightning balls, and don’t use the metal shield. Instead, use a wooden shield to stop the lightening effect and save yourself from electrocution. Your shield will most probably fall down at this stage, but you can always pick it up. While picking up your shield, be aware of the Ganon’s movement or else you’ll have to bear another powerful attack. The earlier approach will be enough to avoid this attack, so you can do that too.

In the Second Stage, thunderblight Ganon uses another lethal weapon too. He attacks you with a powerful Red Laser Beam. Guarding yourself against this attack is possible but requires a bit more attentiveness and skill. To avoid the red laser beam, you can hide behind a wall will reflect the beam to Ganon and it’s possible that he will suffer from his own attack. You must keep on dodging the red laser attack until Ganon is chipped away from his HP. After that, you can attack and defeat the beast.

For a better look at how you can actually defeat the Thunderblight Ganon, have a look at the following video posted to YouTube by BeardBear.

Once Thunderblight Ganon is defeated, collect the Heart Container and any other treasures you may find. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to return to Vah Naboris once you activate the main CU (Control Unit). After leaving the area, you’ll receive a new skill named as Urbosa’s Fury. This particular skill helps you summon the powerful lightening strike after a charged attack.

If this info to defeat the Thunderblight Ganon proves helpful to you, do let us know about that. We’ll love to hear about your experiences with the powerful and challenging beast Thunderblight Ganon.


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