Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no longer just available to play on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U. It’s now playable on PC using the Nintendo Wii U Emulator known as CEMU. So are you ready to enjoy the game in 4K?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no doubt one of the classiest Adventure games of this generation. It’s making huge profits and offering great entertainment to all the fans on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U. But, if you are PC gaming enthusiast, and you want to enjoy this marvelous game on PC, you can now do that by using the Nintendo Wii U’s CEMU emulator.

A PC playable version of the game is now making waves on the web. And it’s being termed as the new 4K rival of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U consoles. The game was tested on PC with 4K graphics by the Nintendo Wii U CEMU emulator developer ExZap. According to them, the innovative CEMU emulator is currently being worked on to offer the best possible upscaled experience of the game.

The Nintendo Wii U’s CEMU emulator allows it to play Wii U games on PC. The CEMU development team is currently working to better the emulator to make BotW available to play on PC.

They have posted the first ever proof of their work on CEMU in which they have tried the game on PC with 4K visuals. ExZap, ran the game on PC with 4K using the CEMU and they made a video that was posted online. The video showed there is still a lot of work to be done.

Most of the PC enthusiasts and fans will be waiting for a better playable version of the game with 4K. ExZap recently told PC Gamer that

“There is a common misconception that because the game runs so well already, it will run perfectly equally soon. In reality, there is no correlation.”

Recently, a video was posted on YouTube by YamGaming that shows Zelda: Breath of the Wild running CEMU at 4K. The game, in reality, is working currently at 15fps, it’s visible that progress is being made towards the betterment of the game on CEMU for a more stable and playable version.

However, the game is limited to a shorter play time currently and that’s probably the goal right now. As the game becomes more stable, it might extend the play time. It’s also possible that the fully playable version of the game might come on PC sometime in the coming months. It can be a bit less in quality but it’ll definitely be a great deal for all those who want to enjoy the game on PC.

If it all comes as true as the recent developments suggest, this will be a great deal for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild enthusiasts and the ones who want to see the game running on PC with a fully playable version supporting 4K. This way the audience of Zelda: breath of the Wild will stay entertained and enjoy it more.


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