For all the hardcore Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans, Nintendo has just revealed the true identity of the long-running Zelda series villain Ganondorf.

This was a biggest secret, but Nintendo has just raised the curtains over the surname of the long-running The Legend of Zelda series villain Ganondorf. It is confirmed by Nintendo via the character section of Zelda Online guide. According to the revelation, the Villain’s full name is the Ganondorf Dragmire.

According to the description provided-

“Once known as the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire used the power of the Triforce to become the beast, Ganon.”

Furthermore, Eurogamer also confirms that Ganondorf Dragmire was the name used in the “A Link to the Past” user manual. It was listed in the manual in the early 1990s. For a long time, it was assumed that the name Dragmire is the title of Ganondorf’s specific incarnation. But the new information makes all these claims baseless now.

So all those players who are playing The Legend of Zelda series games from a very long time. They now know who actually the Ganondorf Dragmire is.

The latest news about the Ganondorf Dragmire came just after the news of the upcoming reveal of Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console titles. As the reports suggest, the Nintendo Wii U games list is about to be boosted with some of the most anticipated Virtual Console titles.

Virtual Console is a feature that’s still not available on the Nintendo Switch. It is rumored that the Virtual Console feature will soon debut of Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, it is also speculated that some new Virtual Console titles will also be released on Nintendo Switch. However, the new Virtual Console titles will be releasing after the release of Virtual Console feature.

Some other reports also suggest that some of the classic GameCube titles will also be made available on Nintendo Switch as part of the Virtual Console games. Hopefully, we’ll soon be receiving the much-hyped Virtual Console feature on Nintendo Switch. It’ll definitely boost up Nintendo Switch’s games list and fans will have tons of amazing games to enjoy.


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