If you are stuck at the Leviathan Side Quest and you want to find all the Leviathan Skeletons, don’t get worried at all. We’ve got you covered up with the following guide to find all the Leviathan Skeletons and safely complete the quest.

If you happen to visit the Serenne Stable in the North of Ridgeland Tower, you’ll find three guys talking about the Leviathan Bones. They are actually talking about the Leviathan Bones Side Quest. One of the three guys is the person from which you can get the Leviathan Bones side quest. Once you’re assigned the task, start off your journey to complete the Leviathan Bones side quest.

Keep in mind that to complete this particular side quest, finding all the Leviathan Skeletons is necessary. But to find the Leviathan Skeletons, you must know where to find them. The following guide will help you on every step and reveal the locations of the Leviathan Skeletons.

You’ll find the first Leviathan Skeleton at in the Guerdo Town. O reach to the exact location, you must follow the Southwest route. There you’ll find your first Leviathan Skeleton.

The second Leviathan skeleton is located at the East Deplian Badlands, situated on the far north side of the Eldin Mountains. There you’ll find your second Leviathan Skull. Once again don’t forget to take the pictures.

The third and the final Leviathan Skeleton in hidden deep into the Hebra North Summit region. This particular area on the game map is cold, so don’t forget to wear something that’s cold resistant. Don’t forget the food also as it will keep you charged up on your way to finding the final Leviathan Skeleton. Once you are on the East side of the Hebra North Summit, look for a small square of water on the map. Once found head to the Water square and find a glacial cave.

This cavern is gated, so you’ll have to break the gate in order to enter the cavern. Now use Crynonsis and create a pillar in order to fill up the hole. Once the hole is filled up, chuck a giant snowball downhill on the path of the cavern gate. This will help you knock down the gate of the cavern. Once the game is gone, enter the cavern and there you’ll find your final and the third Leviathan Skeleton.

Take a Photo of your final Leviathan Skeleton and look for any more of the things of interest that could possibly be there. Look a little bit deeper and you’ll find the To Quomo Shrine just underneath the Bones.

Once you have found all the three Leviathan Skulls and you have their pictures, head back to the Serenne Stable. Give the picture to the three guys and in return, you’ll get a Golden Rupee. This is where your Leviathan Bones Side Quest will complete.

Hopefully, this guide to find the Leviathan Skulls and Completing the Leviathan Bones Side Quest will be helpful to you. If this guide served you well and you have achieved your goals, and you want to share your experiences, leave a comment below.


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