Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an immersive Action-Adventure video game that offers an Open World environment a huge game map and plenty of exploration options. As Link, the game takes you on the biggest adventure of the Zelda series ever. Breath of the Wild no doubt offers a very rewarding experience but the Inventory of Link can hold only a limited amount of items. This is a worrying situation for all those who want to have more and more items in the inventory for a more robust play. Thanks to the Korok Seeds, you can now expand Link’s inventory and store a bigger number of items in it.

There are 900 total Korok Seeds hidden in various places on the game map. Every time you come across a Korok, you’ll have to bring it to Hestu, a character you can find in the Korok Forest. Upon bringing the Korok to Hestu, he rewards you with Korok Seed that you can use to expand your inventory and store items in it such as Arrows, Armor, Bows, and Shields.

For the first time, you’ll have to spend only one Korok Seed to expand your inventory. Later on, for more inventory expansion, you’ll have to spend two Korok Seeds. For the third slot you’ll have to spend three Korok Seeds and after that for every new Slot in the Inventory, you’ll have to spend an equal number of Korok Seeds. This will take you towards collecting more and more Korok Seeds and you’ll eventually be able to find all the 900 Korok Seeds. You only need 441 Korok Seeds if you want to unlock all the expansion Slots in your inventory.

In case if you like to collect all the 900 Korok Seeds, after the collection you’ll receive unique gift item named as Hestu’s Gift. The items enable you to trigger any creature’s signature dance moves whenever you want.

Following is a guide to help you with all the puzzles you’ll have to complete to acquire all the Koroks

1. Natural Hiding Spots (Blue Circles)

Natural Hiding Spots are all the that you’ll see on all the natural objects. These natural spots are places you should look for the Koroks. While exploring or on a quest, look for all the rock formations at the mountain peaks. These spots can also be found on various high ground locations. Koroks can also be hidden in Ice caps and blocks. So to get the Korok out of the Ice formations, you’ll have to melt them. Koroks can also be hidden under the Stone slabs, so you must lift them up in order to get the Koroks.

2. Tree Patterns (Green Circles)

Whenever you are crossing the Trees look for trees that are in shapes of groups. On these trees, you’ll find fruits grown in various types of formations. This is the indication that there are Koroks hidden under the trees or the fruits. So, you’ll have to remove the fruit from the trees until there is an equal number of fruits on all the trees. Once this puzzle is solved, you’ll instantly receive a Korok.

3. Archery (Red Circles)

While exploring Hyrule, whenever you come across a bunch of balloons high above, use your arrows to pop them. Once all the balloons are popped, you’ll receive a Korok. The balloons can sometimes appear while you are standing beside a special marker such as a Pinwheel. Keep in mind that the balloons keep on moving so it can be a difficult job to pop them up with precision. Some of the times, in archery, you’ll find Apples instead of Balloons. Shoot the Apples down and earn Koroks.

4. Boulders (Yellow Circles)

You’ll find large boulders in a lot of places in the World of Hyrule. So, whenever you see them, do move them away a bit. This will expose the Korok hidden under the boulder. You’ll also find the boulders at the top of some hills. To acquire the Korok under the Stone, you must roll them down and expose the Koroks. There are a lot of unique boulders types present in the game. One of the most common boulder types is the Metallic one. You can use Magnesis to move this type of boulders.

5. Circle (Purple Circle)

Look for objects that are arranged in a circular manner. You’ll see a lot of circular rock formations in the water. To expose the Koroc in circular rock formations, you’ll have to throw a rock in the circle. Once you are able to hit the Bull’s eye, you’ll have your Korok.

6. Cube Pattern (Blue Triangle)

In cube patterns, in order to expose the Korok, you’ll have to re-arrange the cubes in a triangular manner. In this type of puzzle, sometimes a cube might be missing. So you’ll have to find that cube as well. Once the cube is found, you can add it to the symmetrical arrangements and get your Korok. This puzzle is a bit challenging one to complete, but it’s quite entertaining.

7. Food Offerings (Green Triangle)

While exploring, you’ll find a series of statues with trays located in front of them. You’ll have to sort some food in the trays in the right order and once the food is all sorted up well, you’ll receive the Korok. In most of the cases, you’ll have to sort apples in the trays. But, for Yiga Clan statues, you’ll have to sort Bananas in the trays. Some other puzzles require eggs to be sorted out in the trays.

8. Race/Horse Hurdles (Red Triangle)

In search of the Koroks, if you find Tree stumps with leaf Symbols on them, hop on to the Stump instantly. This will allow you to start a race. You’ll have to race through the rings before the time runs out. This puzzle sometimes requires a series of fences to clear. You can complete this puzzle by jumping over the fences while riding your Horse. If you are able to complete the puzzle before the time ends, you’ll receive your Korok.

9. Flower Trails (Yellow Triangle)

While searching for Koroks, if you come across a Daffodil Flower standing alone on a grassy plain, reach out to it. If the flower disappears, it’s part of a trail of flowers. Follow the trail and it will lead you to the location of Korok. In some flower trail puzzles, you’ll have to follow the trail in a sequence, if you are able to complete the sequence in perfect order, you’ll have the location of the Korok.

10. Leaves with Fairy Dust (Purple Triangle)

On some places, you’ll find leaves with fairy dust moving along with them. You are required to follow the trail of leaves and fairy dust to reach down to the spot where you’ll find the Korok. The leaves in this puzzle sometimes are located along a fixed path that leads you to places high above on the trees.

11. Rock Patterns (White Triangle)

On your journey of finding the Koroks, you’ll stumble upon small white rocks on some places on the map. These rocks can be arranged in a number of different geometrical patterns such as Triangles, Circles, Crosses, Spirals. Find all the rocks required to complete a geometrical pattern and complete it. Once the pattern is complete, you’ll get rewarded with a Korok. In this type of puzzles, sometimes rocks can be missing. In order to create a full pattern, you’ll have to find the missing rocks. Once the missing rocks are found, you can create the pattern and receive your Korok.

Follow Up

You can find Koroks with the help of all the above-mentioned puzzle solutions. However, there might be some other ways to solve the puzzles and find the Koroks. If we’ve missed one and you know about it, do share it with us. We’ll love to add more ways to find Koroks in this article. Do leave your comments below.


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