“Yuri!!! On Ice” Season 2 speculations are already making rounds despite no announcement from the showrunner about the release date for the next season. The first installment of the Japanese series ended in December last year. Despite being off the air for the last couple of months, it is still one of the most dominating anime series. Check out the release date and story line details!

Record-Breaking Sale of Volumes

According to The Christian Post, “Yuri!!! On Ice” received recognition from the domestic bodies as well as from the professionals on global scale involved in ice skating. The DVD and Blu-ray volumes of the anime series have also reached a high position on the Oricon sales chart indicating the high popularity of the show.

The latest volume of “Yuri!!! On Ice” has sold around 33,000 units in its first week and is third on the list of Blu-ray volumes. Thus, it is one of the most popular anime franchises as of now. The production team is also coming out with the fifth disc on April 28. It will feature ninth and 10th episodes of the series. The upcoming volume is also expected to top the charts.

Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2

‘Yuri!!!On Ice” Season 2 May Come Soon

According to latest reports, series creator Mitsuro Kubo recently revealed some details about the upcoming second installment. During an all-night screening organized last month, Kubo said that she intends to complete writing the script for “Yuri!!!On Ice” before the end of this year.

It thus, indicates that the production for the second installment may start by year end or at the start of 2018. Does this mean that the second season of the anime series may air in the mid of next year? It is quite possible! However, iTechPost reports that fans are speculating that the second installment may be released sometime during October 2017.

Kubo also stated that she already has some concepts in mind regarding the story for the “Yuri!!! On Ice” Season 2. It will possibly start with the defeat of Yuri Katsuki at the Grand Prix Final that was a part of the last season. However, Kobu said that she would like to keep the other details to herself. But these details have triggered off rumors that the story may revolve around Yuri’s past.


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