Yuri on Ice season 1 ended back in December 2016 and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. The first season was a huge success, and the unique and interesting storyline of the series is the very reason why fans are craving for more.

Yuri On Ice Season 2

The first season of the series featured a lot of stuff which left fans speechless. The second season, on the other hand, is expected to be better than the previous season. Yuri on Ice season 2 will definitely have a lot of things that fans want, but there are still some things fans shouldn’t expect to see in the next season of Yuri on Ice.

So without any further due, here are three things you shouldn’t expect to see in Yuri on Ice season 2.

Yuri Plisetsky To Not Give Up On The Grand Prix Title

As we all know, in Yuri on Ice season 1, Yuri Katsuki’s so-called rival, Yuri Plisetsky failed to win Gold in the Grand Prix. He did manage to win the hearts of everyone around him, but winning Gold meant everything to him. This indicates that the latter won’t give up on the Grand Prix title so easily. This time, he will train day and night in order to achieve his long-lost goal. There will be without any doubt, another Yuri vs Yuri match in the next season, but this time, Yuri Plisetsky will be prepared. He won’t let his rival defeat him this time. Also, in episode 11, Yuri Plisetsky managed to create a world record through one of his performances, so he will have to protect it now.

Yuri Katsuki To Surpass Viktor Through His Own Ways

Avid fans of the series know that Yuri has been performing various routines similar to that of his coach, Viktor. However, considering that fact that Yuri want’s to surpass his coach, it would be wise for him to let go of his previous routines and get out of his coach’s shadow so he can come up with something better than everything else. Yuri is also currently in the eyes of everyone, so he will have to surprise them too.

Yuri On Ice Season 2

Christophe Giacometti To Say Farewell To Skating 

Another thing fans shouldn’t expect to see in Yuri on Ice season 2 is Christophe Giacometti skating. Back in season 1, Christophe stated that he is the eldest among all skaters, which indicates that he might think of retiring. Christophe also saw how advanced and talented the current generation of skaters are, because of which he thinks that he can no longer keep up with them.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Release Date

Yuri on Ice season 2 is currently expected to arrive sometime in 2017. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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