Yuri on Ice episode 5 was released some time ago, meaning that fans are now waiting for the next episode to arrive. The previous episode was a rather good one as we got to see how Yuri came over his fear.

Yuri on Ice Episode 5 Recap 

In episode 5, Yuri participated in his first major Ice Skating competition. In that competition, Yuri had to go against some of the most skilled skaters of Japan. Although they were young in age, but were as skilled as him. Just like the previous small competitions Yuri participated in, he didn’t want to go first in this one too. However, because of some reasons, he had to go first in this competition.

After knowing that he has to go first and perform his program “Eros”, Yuri got nervous. And to make things even worse, Yuri saw his old rival, Kenjiro Minami. This made him even more nervous and tensed. Viktor on the other hand, was noticing Yuri for quite some time now. He realized that Yuri was tensed and nervous, so he gave him a hug after the warm-up. A hug was all that Yuri needed as he was feeling much relaxed after it. Thanks to Viktor for loosening him up, Yuri was able to perform with ease and he managed to beat his best personal score. This made both Yuri and Viktor happy.

Yuri On Ice Episode 6

However, while Yuri was performing, Viktor noticed that he was focusing more on his jumps rather than on expressions. Viktor previously told him that he has to focus on both things at the same time, but Yuri didn’t pay much attention to what he said. Because of this, Yuri started focusing only on his jumps. Later on, he forgot what jump he had to do, so he missed some of them. He even made some mistakes, which led to him bleeding because of hitting his head on the rink. However, whatever the case was, Yuri still managed to beat his personal best and got the highest score. Afterwards, Kenjiro Minami confronted Yuri and told him that he will do his best to defeat him in the upcoming Grand Prix competition. Grand Prix will be one of the biggest competitions of the series.

Yuri To Travel To China In Yuri On Ice Episode 6

Now, in Yuri on Ice episode 6, Yuri will travel to China to participate in a competition where he will have to go face his former coaches and rivals. Rumor is that we will get to see Yuri going against his former coach, and he will manage to beat him. Fans will also see some participants performing some illegal tricks.

Yuri on Ice episode 6 will be released this week. Let us know if you’re excited or not in the comments below.


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