Days are gone when a dropped phone will get damaged, but now here’s a phone which may break your floor when dropped. Online community is being made to believe by the below novice-style video released by Micromax for its upcoming YU YUPHORIA on May 12 that the phone is sturdy. It is quite interesting to see that these days mobile advertisements are now getting innovative.

In yet another commercial released by Micromax for YU YUPHORIA on twitter by Rahul Sharma (company’s promoter), we can believe this phone can make your hair dance along with you when listening to songs on it. The below video has shown the power of the Yu Yuphoria audio. In this video we can see what happens around a bunch of office guys in a room when one of them listening to songs on headphone  suddenly puts it on speaker.

YU YUPHORIA will be powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop based on CyanogenMod. It is expected that Like Yureka, it will be on sale through Amazon only. However, we have to watch out whether it will be available with or without registration by seeing the response to Yureka released some time ago.


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