Google has officially announced YouTube TV, a video streaming service that brings 44 channels with a monthly pricing of $35. By paying that price, users can watch the subscribed content on any device like smartphone or TV along with Google Chromecast or a TV that has Chromecast inbuilt. Here are the 5 things to know about the YouTube TV before spending $35 on it.

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1. Do You Really Need It?

YouTube TV functions like a conventional cable system that shows all channels through live feeds. Hence, it does not offer any on-demand content. With $35 per month, it is quite cheaper than cable. Since there are no commitments, its subscription can be canceled anytime.

Okay, keep reading then!

2. YouTube TV Channels

It includes live streaming from popular networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, local channels and famous cable networks. The following image shows the entire of list of channels. As it can be seen, YouTube Red is also present as a full channel.

Since it contains 14 percent sports-centric channels, your decision on availing YouTube TV will somewhat depend on how you much are interested in sports. Based on the location of the user, YouTube TV will provide local sports and news channels.  There are no music channels in YouTube TV.

YouTube TV channels

3. Record Live TV

YouTube TV comes with support for cloud DVR to record live TV. The best thing about it is that it does not put any limitation on the recording duration. Since it records on the cloud, the recorded content won’t consume the storage space of your phone. However, one should be aware of the fact that each of the recordings are stored for a limited duration of nine months.

4. Six Accounts Support

When a person pays $35 for a YouTube TV membership, it is not limited to his account. Each membership can add up to six accounts. Moreover, each account can have its own preferences and unlimited recording on cloud DVR. It supports viewing of three streams simultaneously. It sounds like a senseless limitation. Google may want to consider removing this limitation after some time.

5. Supports Multiple Devices

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Apart from PC, the YouTube TV can be watched on smartphones, and tablets running on Android or iOS. With a Google Chromecast, it can be streamed to a TV. With DVR, users of mobile devices can record content wherever they go.

Currently, the YouTube TV is aimed towards the U.S. markets. Google aims to make it available to more U.S. cities in the near future. However, there is no confirmation on when the YouTube TV will be made available outside of the US.


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