The YouTube app has changed a lot over time and has become quite modern and simple in design. However, it is also one of the top apps that haven’t got any major updates in a while. Most recent YouTube APK updates for Android made no changes to the app and added nothing more than the usual performance tweaks.

youtube apk download update android

Today, another one of those updates has been released on the Play Store. The latest YouTube update comes with version number 11.41.54 (build number 114154132). The YouTube 11.41.54 APK download file weighs 19.38 MB and works with Android 4.1+ devices. As we said, there’s nothing new in this update. So expect nothing more than the usual fixes and tweaks for performance and stability improvement.

If you haven’t updated the YouTube app in your Android smartphone or tablet in a while, you should definitely download YouTube 11.41.54. It may improve the overall app performance. Other than that, we’ll just have to hope Google brings some new and exciting features to the app. You can get the latest update from the Google Play Store. In case you want to download YouTube APK, you can get it on for free.


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