The Legend Of Zelda: BOTW Master Trials DLC is in full bloom and fans are absolutely loving it. But, Nintendo Switch fans are in for another massive treat as it is now confirmed that ARMS is getting a 100% free DLC in July 2017.


Nintendo has announced and confirmed that the ARMS, a Nintendo Switch exclusive will get a new DLC for Free in July. This amazing news came in just after days of the Master Trials DLC release for the Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The new ARMS DLC will enable the fans to enjoy playing as Max Brass instead of just facing him in the Boss battles. This new playable character is absolutely a versatile one and it can take punches without even flinching. And when Max’s arms are fully charged or he has low health, he can survive unlike most of the characters.

In addition to the character of Max Brass, the new ARMS update will also bring in another new stage to the game. However, Nintendo hasn’t yet revealed the release date for the next big ARMS update.

Arms have received tons of updates and new content in the past. Recently fans were treated to the LAN Mode and the Arena Mode for multiplayer play. Furthermore, the Standard Battle Mode is already part of the game that offers tons of power-ups and other items.

Similarly, the Team Fight is another versatile mode in the game that offers Team-based (2v2) play in which teammates are tethered to each other. The Volleyball-style game mode is also part of the game that became available in a recent update.

Other notable game modes include Grand Prix, Party Match, and the Local Wireless Mode, etc.

Nintendo previously stated that they will keep on supporting the game with free updates and this upcoming new DLC is part of that. Hopefully, it’ll offer amazing new features as well as enhance the gameplay experience.


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