Xur: Agent of the Nine is a vendor in Destiny who sells Legendary and Exotic items for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. He only appears in the Tower on the weekends (specifically between 2AM PST (5AM EST) on Friday to 2AM PST (5AM EST) on Sunday), and his location can change each week, sometimes making it difficult to track him down.

destiny xur
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Destiny Xur location & items

Last week, Xur, Agent of the Nine was at the tower under the hanger selling Rise of Iron exotic armor and exotic weapons. Xur has the Monte Carlo, Frost EE-5, Twilight Garrison and Apotheosis Veil. Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine is also a strange coin vendor. Players mostly like the frostees, it pairs really well with the skorri artifact or if you’re the runner for vosiks pt1 you’ll get full melee and super by damage phase. But seriously, what is up with the Legacy Engrams? Is Bungie afraid to let Xur sell something we might actually want to spend some strange coins on? Ridiculous to still sell this every week.

Xur, Agent of the Nine is at the Reef selling Rise of Iron exotic armor and exotic weapons. Xur has the Suros Regime, Eternal Warrior(Titan), Knucklehead Radar (Hunter) and Impossible Machines (warlock).

We also have our own predictions for his next week stock. He might bring for the hunter crest of alpha lupi; for titan, we think he will bring dunemarchers; for warlock, void fang vestements and the weapon will be the last word. However, there’s very little chance for a weapon like that. Xur cannot sell that kind of weapons because you can’t get them out of an engram and can only get them from POE, and the last word is not gonna be seen in a long time. The first time he ever sold it was in year 2, 5 or 4 months ago. Bungie wants us to suffer with the weapons. Stay tuned to MobiPicker.


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