Destiny Xur is the Agent of The Nine and brings cool and unique stuff each week. We keep a tab on his location each week and give you the latest info. So, where is Xur today and what does he have for grabs?

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Destiny Xur Location and Items November 11 – 13

One thing that was good in year one was that most exotics were worth using. Now, in fear of changing the meta, Bungie has made almost every exotic normal. Not too good and not too bad. There are not very many actually GOOD exotics now, this needs to be changed because we remember when players got on exotic in year one, everyone was hyped almost to cardiac arrest. Now when they get an exotic, there’s a little burst of excitement which dies down pretty quickly. This needs to change for Destiny Xur to stay more relevant.

Last week he had these items in exotics: The Taikonaut (Titan), Young, Ahamkaras Spine (Hunter), The Ram (Warlock), Red Death (Pulse Rifle) and Legacy Body Armor Engram. For weapon ornaments he had these: Queen’s Command (Telesto) and Shock Hazard (Zhalo Supercell). For Curios he had these up for grabs: Glass Needles, Three of Coins, Heavy, Ammo Synthesis, Stealth Vehicle Upgrade and Void Vehicle Upgrade.

Where is Xur today?

He has spawned. Xur can be found in The Reef. He is currently selling:

Twilight Garrison – Titan Chest Armor – 51 Discpline / 51 Strength – 13 Strange Coins
Fr0st-EE5 – Hunter Leg Armor – 47 Intellect / 55 Discipline – 13 Strange Coins
Apotheosis Veil – Warlock Helmet – 82 Intellect – 13 Strange Coins
Monte Carlo – 23 Strange Coins
Legacy Primary Weapon Engram – 31 Strange Coins

Weapon Ornaments:

Prototype – Truth – 25 Silver Dust
The Wolves Remember – The Young Wolf’s Howl – 25 Silver Dust

Along with the usual Three of Coins, Glass Needles, Sparrow Upgrades etc.

Destiny is an online-only first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released worldwide on September 9, 2014, for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. Players take on the role of a Guardian, defenders of Earth’s last safe city as they wield a power called Light to protect the City from different alien races.


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