Xperia™ Home 10.2.A.1.0 beta has just been released and the latest APK is now available to download for android users. This update marks some big changes and bug fixes to the Sony launcher. Want to know what’s new with this latest release?

Xperia™ Home 10.2.A.1.0 beta

Changes in the Xperia™ Home 10.2.A.1.0 beta release

Android N support

Suspended apps support

92 individual bug fixes

Increased stability with Backup/Restore

Reintroduction of the old Instagram badges

The development team has resolved the issue raised with the 10.0.A.0.31.TS.7 release, which came with a system update earlier. That one prevented users from getting any Xperia Home Beta updates. The changelog also noted that the team is working hard on getting back the Google Now functionality, as requested by many users.

As with any beta release, you may or may not encounter some bugs and issues, so be prepared.

You can download the latest Xperia™ Home 10.2.A.1.0 beta APK following the source link given below. The latest release is 4.65 MB in size with build number 21234688. You will need to have Android 4.4 or above running on your smartphone to install the update.

Do share your feedback in the comments section below to help fellow users about this update.


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