Xiaomi suspended Mi 4i update, which was released to fix over-heating

Just 2 days back, we reported that Xiaomi has released a new software update v6.5.4.0 LXIMICD for its latest smartphone Mi 4i, which was suffering from over-heating problems. But it seems that the issue with the phone is not yet resolved as the company has suspended the update. It will release a new updated version by next week.

xiaomi mi 4i overheating, software update, suspended, new update, next week, dateOn the release of V6.5.4.0 LXIMICD, many users updated their Mi 4i to the latest version, but they started facing issues more than earlier. It is reported that after the new updates, the data connection got unstable and disconnects frequently, battery life decreased to almost half the time, and camera also not working properly.

If you own a Xiaomi Mi 4i smartphone and searching for a solution to fix this heating issue, we will suggest you to wait for another week when the company will roll-out the new v6.5.5.0 update, which might cure all the disease hopefully.

The handset which was sold out very quickly in its first flash sale is now scheduled for open-sale on May 25 and 26 through Flipkart. It would be interesting to see how the customers will now respond to the sale after having known issues.

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Update – Xiaomi has released the new OTA update v6.5.5.0 to fix the heating problems.

  • Ninu

    These qualcomm chips nowadays…

  • Jervis Dabreo

    That 810 processor is pure crap. I love my Snapdragons, but this one just straight up fails. It would be wise for persons to leave devices with the 810 in them alone.

    • tartempion & Co

      are you drunk this mid range phone use the snapdragon 615

      • Cheeze Keyk

        LMAO! i dont think this guy is not even familiar with the said device!

    • Azar

      Just because it over heats doesn’t mean it’s 810. So according to you my Galaxy S4 has 810. OMG I didnt know that! But wait, why is my performance slow then?! Lol

  • Cheeze Keyk

    what do you expect for MIUI? they will release a so called “Stable” version. MIUI is just full of crap features and buggy OS.

    • Mohamad Wahba

      seriously? have u tried it? I’m so determined to buy this fone. advise me pls

      • Sam Koda

        I have it, been using it for the last 2 days. It is a decent phone. It has got really nice features. If you are not into gaming, and don’t mind the miui way of doing things, this is a very very good phone. These bugs are bound to happen, for this is the first phone that has Lollipop with miui on it. The bugs will be fixed in the subsequent updates.

        • Mohamad Wahba

          thx sam

      • tartempion & Co

        it’s simply the best ROM around. whitout any doubt, buy why get a mid range when you can get the hight end for about the same price ? get the mi4 not mi4i crap

        • Mohamad Wahba

          but they are not the same price

      • Cheeze Keyk

        dont buy Xiaomi phones. they are horrible when it comes to OS updates. and MIUI are buggy also.

  • Shubhs

    I updated, faced no issues at all