Microsoft and the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi,  announced in March that they had collaborated to allow Xiaomi Mi4 users to start using Windows 10 mobile Technical Preview in their mobiles.

Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10
Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10

A few beta testers were asked to download and install a special windows 10 Mobile ROM on their Xiaomi smartphones. The Chinese tech giant selected a team of beta testers from the Xiaomi group, and they have shared information directly with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile team and provided results of their assessments.

In a tweet, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore mentioned that the company is considering to start the Insider program in China for Xiaomi phone users, which will enable them to have Windows 10 Mobile run on their devices. It is not known to the public which Xiaomi devices are to be considered in the program, certainly the Mi4 will not be the only compatible device.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell the exact date when the Insider program will kick off in the country. Therefore, even though only a few testers were previously invited to test Windows 10 Mobile on their Android devices, it seems that Microsoft is willing to give anyone with a Xiaomi device the opportunity to test Windows 10 Mobile.

Xiaomi windows-10
Xiaomi windows 10

Of course, this program will be of great benefit if you are an Android owner who embraces the idea of switching to the Windows platform. You will be able to run a test of the new Windows on your smartphone without necessarily buying a new device. And if you are satisfied with the operating system your can pay without any doubts.

In addition, some users may simply want to experiment it. Think of how it would look like to have a Windows 10 Mobile on the OnePlus 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In reality, we are yet to see this actually become real, but it is great that Xiaomi is leading the way for such a development. Certainly, we will soon get to know much better about the Insider program.

Apart from this, Xiaomi is also releasing a tablet powered by Windows 10 sometime in third quarter.


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