A few years back, Xiaomi was known as a company that produced budget smartphones that were affordable and light on the wallet. After earning a huge fan base, Xiaomi started up the game by introducing major changes in its smartphones. The Redmi Note 3 released last year was the first all-metal phone by the company, and with the Xiaomi Mi5, the manufacturer entered the category of affordable yet premium flagships.

The Xiaomi Mi5 is a great example of what Xiaomi is capable of. The modern design, high-end processor, and flagship-level specs make the phone a great smartphone for those who cannot afford iPhone or Galaxy S7. However, when the Mi5 was released, the phone still lacked the innovative factor. It did not come with any features that were rare in the smartphone industry.

xiaomi mi5
Xiaomi Mi5

But Xiaomi is going to rectify that mistake with an improved version of the Mi5. In case you don’t know, the company is working on a phone called Xiaomi Mi5s, or at least that’s what it is being called right now. It is being said that the Mi5s will come with huge improvements over the Mi5 that will make it an irresistible flagship phone.

Latest reports from all around the web suggest that if you are thinking of buying the Xiaomi Mi5, you should wait for the Xiaomi Mi5s instead. So what changes can we expect from the Mi5s? Let’s discuss all the available details.

Xiaomi Mi5 vs. Xiaomi Mi5s

Before we go on and tell you about the changes we expect in the Xiaomi Mi5s, we should tell you that the phone will essentially remain the same as the Mi5. Only a few major features will be added.

Design May Remain the Same

The latest rumors suggest that the Xiaomi Mi5s will carry the same design as the Mi5. The new features that are to be added in the phone do not require a major design change. So, expect only a few little modifications here and there. We may also see a couple of new color options for the mi5s.

Pressure-Sensitive Display

Yes. Just like the iPhone 6s has got a 3D Touch display, the Xiaomi Mi5s is rumored to come with a pressure-sensitive Force Touch display. The technology will make the display smarter as it will be able to detect different amounts of pressure on the screen, thus providing different options to the user. The resolution and size of the screen, however, are expected to remain the same as the Mi5.

Snapdragon 821 and 6GB RAM?

The Xiaomi Mi5 already runs on Snapdragon 820, and we will soon see a whole range of smartphones being released with a faster Snapdragon 821 processor. Also, 6GB of RAM will become very common, very soon. Rumors suggest that the Xiaomi Mi5s will get SD 821 and 6GB RAM, resulting in faster performance and smoother multitasking.

Xiaomi Mi5s May Get Dual Cameras

This is one of the most probable possibilities. Now that Xiaomi has introduced dual cameras in its smartphone lineup with the Xiaomi Redmi Pro, the company will also use the tech in its upcoming phones. It is being said that the Mi5s will get dual cameras at the back, rumored to be supplied by Samsung.

Xiaomi Mi5s Price and Release Date

Now that we have discussed the possible differences between Xiaomi Mi5s vs. Xiaomi Mi5, let’s move on to some more important details. With dual cameras, more RAM, faster processor, and Force Touch screen, the Mi5s will certainly be costlier than the Mi5. However, Xiaomi will still price the phone in an affordable range, that’s for sure. We don’t know anything about the Xiaomi Mi5s release date, but it is being speculated that the phone will be launched before or in the last quarter of this year.

More information is expected soon, so stay tuned for more updates.


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