The Xiaomi Mi5 Pro is the better version of the Mi5 and comes with 128GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM, while the 64GB and 32GB models come with 3GB of RAM. But what’s actually special about this phone is its 3D ceramic back, which is a luxury you get for paying an extra $75 over the 64GB variant.

xiaomi mi5

Having 1GB more RAM and double the storage space is good, but the extra price isn’t justified if the frame does not do what it’s supposed to do. By that, we mean that the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro needs to undergo stress and torture with various tools to make sure that it’s really tough and reliable.

Thankfully, a video test reveals that the ceramic back of the below that the Mi 5 Pro can easily take a lot of abuse from tools like a saw, knife, keys, and a power drill. This video from ‘Crazy Video’ shows that the Xiaomi Mi5 survived all the brutal torture tests and still did not get a noticeable scratch on the back. The test began with a key, moved on to industrial files and saws, and finally ended with a power drill failing to make a mark.

None of the tools used to torture the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro were able to do more than produce a tiny scratch on the back. Of course, official tests need to be performed to see what more can this device do. But at list this video shows us that the extra money is definitely worth it.


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