Xiaomi’s only laptop, the Mi Notebook Air, launched towards the end of last month. Now, preorders of the laptop are live on Chinese online retailers such as GearBest, which is selling the device at a starting price of $627. The retailer is shipping the device all over the world.

mi notebook air
Mi Notebook Air

There are two models of the Mi Notebook Air, the 12.5-inch model, and the 13.3-inch model. Currently, GearBest is only shipping the 12.5-inch model. The highlight of both models is the design. The 12.5-inch Mi Notebook is very slim at 14.8mm, and light weight of 1.28kg. It should be a worthwhile competitor to the Surface Book and MacBook Air.

Other specs include 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD. The device has all the standard connectivity options including HDMI, 3.5mm audio jack, Bluetooth 4.1, and USB Type-C ports. A 5,000mAh battery powers the device, which also supports fast charging. On the camera front, Xiaomi missed the mark as the device comes with a 1MP camera.

Xiaomi is not clear on the launch of the device in other countries. But, as mentioned earlier, GearBest is shipping the device globally. However, there is one issue, the laptop comes with Windows 10 Home Chinese version and unactivated Windows 10 Home English Version. Of course you can change the language in the Chinese version in the settings, but still, some text may appear in Chinese.

The preorders of the notebook will start shipping from September 13. If you want to own the Mi Notebook Air, order it before the close of the preorders on September 11.


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