The Xiaomi Mi MIX was a surprise release that was launched alongside the Mi Note 2. The smartphone looks like a concept phone but is actually selling in the market right now. The futuristic and bezel-less looks of the device make it very, very appealing. Xiaomi has been heavily praised for the design, and it seems Nubia wants to grab some attention too.


As reported by Chinese news site MyDrivers today, a few pictures of a new Nubia smartphone have leaked out. This smartphone has got no bezels around the display and flaunts a sliding design, looking quite futuristic. As you can see in the images, the phone gets a borderless display and the front is made up of glass completely. There’s no fingerprint sensor or the traditional iconic Nubia red dot Home button.


However, the Nubia bezel-less concept phone gets a slider design, which is why the front camera is not visible. The images show that the screen can slide down to reveal the front camera along with the flash and the earpiece. It is also being said that other functions like answering calls or starting a timer can be assigned to the slider mechanism. Lastly, the rear shell can be customized for a back made of metal, wood, or leather.

After the Mi MIX, a lot of companies like Meizu, Huawei, etc. have been rumored to be working on similar smartphones that will appeal to the eyes of the buyers. We can’t guarantee whether these new Nubia concept pictures are genuine or not until more leaks or announcements are out. So stay tuned and we’ll keep you in the loop.


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