Xiaomi Mi 5 is creating a lot of buzz in the smartphone industry, thanks to its promising specs and unbelievable price. Up till now, the common belief was that the Mi 5 would be carrying Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 820 SoC. However, the story has taken another important and surprising turn.

xiaomi mi5 rumors, mediatek helio x20Popular leaker @Leaksfly has posted on Weibo that the Xiaomi Mi 5 will be coming with MediaTek’s Helio X20 SoC and not the Snapdragon 820 by Qualcomm. Well, this comes as a major surprise to all the Xiaomi fans, but those who follow the smartphone news well will not find it as surprising. In fact, Snapdragon 820 was scheduled to be shipped out in 2016, while the Mi 5 is going to be released in a month or two, thus removing SD820 completely out of the topic.

xiaomi mi5, rumors, helio x20, leaksA lot of hype has been built around the Xiaomi Mi 5 for the sole reason that it was to carry the best smartphone SoC ever, but Helio X20 is no slouch either and will surely take the phone to an amazing level of performance.

In case this news does turn out to be true and if Xiaomi really skips the SD820 chip in the Mi 5, then it might not carry the rumored ultrasonic 3D fingerprint recognition technology. However, with top-of-the-line specs like 4GB RAM, full-metal body, 16MP camera and more, the Xiaomi Mi 5 will surely be a hit if it launches at the rumored $314 price tag.