Lately, many Chinese’s technology sites have exchanged a leaked picture that seemed to be the poster of Xiaomi Mi 5 – an unearthly new handset of the Chinese’s mobile brand that might’ve indicated the release date of the device: 16/7.

But according to a recent report made by us, the device that is supposed to be release on the July 16th event might not be the Mi 5 we’re looking forward of seeing, but a new, mysterious device instead that probably have something to do with the cryptic PK written in the official poster.

xiaomi-mi-5-se-duoc-gioi-thieu-vao-thu-5-tuan-sau-167The information of the new release schedule is coming from a Chinese’s technology blog Mobile Dad, and indeed, the blog clearly said that the Mi 5 may not be launch on 16th of July but on the 5th of August instead, that would be exactly three weeks from now.

But the rumor spread by this post is not without a trusty evident. So apparently, Xiaomi will host what is called an “Annual Conference” coincidentally set on exactly 5th of August and it would make perfect sense for them to debut their top-of-the-food-chain product on that day. If this rumor proved to be true, then the Mi 5 Plus – a bigger, bad-ass-er and stronger – variant of the Mi 5 will make landfall on the month after – September. The Plus version recently made its presence at TENAA in China.

xiaomi mi5 plus, leaks, tenaa, specification, imageThough the fans of this phone and the whole China has to wait a bit more to be able to see and touch it, or even hauling it home. But we know for certain that the excited atmosphere is still there even though of the let-down.

Mark the day on your schedule, people, it is on its way!


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