Playing XCOM 2 and tired of the long loading times? It looks like there is a trick to skipping the long loading times: hit the Caps Lock key. It’s that simple, but then again… it’s not that simple. You see, a few days after the trick went viral, Firaxis Games has explained that the trick doesn’t come without its caveats.


Speaking to Eurogamer, Firaxis has clarified that the trick, while valid, may be unstable in some cases. “Hitting the key, through a rube-goldberg-esque series of events, forces all outstanding load requests to be filled immediately in a single frame,” Firaxis said, “This causes a massive hitch, and potentially could crash the game. If you don’t care about those adverse effects the synchronous load is faster.”

XCOM 2 has been plagued by performance issues since its release earlier this month. While it received glowing critical reception and stellar reviews, the game has also been criticised for framerate dips and hitching, which has caused the game’s user score to take a dive on Steam and MetaCritic. According to developer Firaxis, these issues are being looked into, and a patch to fix them is on its way. Hopefully they can also find a legitimate way to cut down on the loading times, and if not, let’s hope they at least don’t patch out this trick.


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