It is rumoured that there will never be an Xbox Two. As it happens, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Battle is getting older, and with the advent of the next generation of gaming thanks to Oculus Rift, the Vive, and PS4 VR headset, it is likely that the Xbox One will no longer be a viable financial investment for Microsoft.

Microsoft Xbox Two

Already, as it happens, the Microsoft Kinect, which was added to Xbox One as a motion sensing peripheral, was a lamentable failure. This incident not only all but pulled the plug on Xbox One, it also delayed the release of HoloLens. On top of that, the last few months have seen a surge in the popularity of the PS4.

This rumour is somewhat substantiated by the fact that Microsoft has, over the past few months, extended several of its Xbox One Game titles to the PC platform. Gamers around the world have questioned this move, but it would make a lot of sense if you assume that Microsoft’s role in the Console industry is drawing to a close. The near future will show whether or not Microsoft continues to keep this up, and if it does, needless to say that there will no longer be much of a need for a new game console.

Microsoft’s fate is likely to be further sealed by Sony’s new MUSASHI firmware upgrade, which, when made, would allow PS4 games to be played in desktops including PCs and Macs, implying that the sales of PS4, which are currently far outrunning the Xbox One, is going to increase further.


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