Microsoft is holding a VR event this December. And it’s looking likely that they’ll show Xbox Scorpio VR at the show. The headsets are supposed to be super high quality, yet affordable. However, it’s all just rumors so take it with a grain of salt. However, from what we hear, Microsoft will talk about the new VR headsets or anything VR related.

xbox scorpio vr
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Xbox Scorpio VR in the works?

Xbox One Scorpio isn’t coming until next year, but Microsoft just announced an entire line of VR headsets that will be compatible with Windows 10. Strapping expensive pieces of plastic into your face and calling it VR is a new trend in gaming. Microsoft’s new Xbox Scorpio VR has raised some eyebrows because, after looking at PSVR, everyone’s wondering how Microsoft will successfully jump the bandwagon.

However, judging from the leaks and rumors so far we might have an answer as to how Microsoft plans to bring their own VR to the competition next year. There are further speculations that it will arrive at a cheaper price than that of the PlayStation. With the Scorpio’s superior hardware and (possibly) cheaper VR headset, could this give them the huge lead they had so desperately been trying to achieve ever since their current gen console entered the competition?

The VR announcement came from Microsoft’s Surface Event right after they debuted their new Surface Studio. Event also revealed an upcoming update to Windows 10 which will bring a number of gaming features to Windows 10 like streaming and tournament organizing. However, the most important highlight of the event came with the announcement of a new line of Windows 10 enabled virtual headsets. The headsets will be produced in conjunction with HP, DELL, Acer, Asus and Lenovo. These will be the first available commercial headsets to use inside out-tracking without requiring any external cameras.


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