Xbox Scorpio has reportedly provoked Sony to release PS5 to counter the rival. Sony has the plan to release PS5 in two versions and a VR Headset. Because of speculations about the Sony’s most powerful console plans, Microsoft is all set up to give a very hard time to the rival. The company is prepping for a mega Xbox Two launch in 2020.

With this news, a new hype about the Scorpio Project has started among the tech circles on the web. This supposedly is the key element that forced Sony to start working on the idea of a powerful console PS5 to counter the Microsoft’s new and powerful console claims. According to Global Industry tech analyst Michael Pachter, Sony will not be releasing the Console in near future. Not specifically in 2017 or 2018. This was reported by PlayStation Universe on their blog.

Pachter further states that Sony follows a 3-year release pattern for its consoles, so there is a chance that Sony will release PlayStation 5 in 2019. That’s maybe a long time before the release of Xbox Two console. According to Sony’s 3-year console release pattern, the PS5 will release in 2019, in a manner similar to any of the Sony’s previous console releases.

Sony’s PS5 will definitely be more powerful than any of the previous consoles. This will be because of more innovative technology, and Two Console versions, and a VR Headset, Korea Portal Explains.

It is also speculated that Sony will be offering far more space than before as they have plans to include a 50 TB Solid State Hard Drive in the Console. It will also support the 4K resolution and will debut as one of the most powerful gaming consoles in 2020.

Microsoft Is Ready To Tackle the PS5 With The New Xbox Two Consoles.

This is a stunningly surprising move by the tech giants such as Microsoft and Sony. It’ll definitely be a great leap forward for all the high-end console gamers and customers. As the race has started, Microsoft is also planning to launch a powerful console Xbox Two. They have reportedly started working on the Console and will be releasing it in 2020, GamePur report suggests.

The powerful Xbox Two will support 4K resolutions and will come with a backward compatibility with the popular Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles games. Xbox Two will also be a Virtual Reality supporting console and it will offer access to Microsoft’s Hololense.

This is definitely a great news for all those who love innovation and are always ready to try new gadgets. But to lend their hands on the consoles, they will have to wait until 2020 as none of the consoles is coming out earlier. Hopefully, both of these consoles will be as brilliant as all the other ones from both of the tech giants.


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