According to DOOM’s lead rendered programmer, Tiago Sousa, using the 6TFLOPS of computing power within the Xbox Scorpio for 4k gaming is a waste of resources. But we heavily disagree with this chap and here’s why.

xbox scorpio vr
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Xbox Scorpio’s native 4K gaming is not a “waste of resources”

We don’t think it is a waste of resources at all. We want 4K 60Fps with high fidelity graphics on console. If it weren’t for the fact that players can’t stand playing games on a PC, they would have left the console market a long time ago, for that high-end 4K experience. But they haven’t. The Xbox Scorpio is designed for people like them that still want to game on console. But want PC level abilities with that console.

What’s interesting is how many current PC users that prefer console gaming but left because they wanted better graphics and resolution will end up buying the Scorpio. From what we can tell with everything they have stated about the Scorpio, it could very well eat into a chunk of PC users. Especially those users that are on low to midrange performing machines. As the Scorpio will out perform those machines and they represent around 45% to 50% of the total PC gaming market. All we’re saying is interesting times are ahead.

We don’t expect it all at once as well. However, we do expect it all eventually. You can’t compare PC parts to console parts as games on console are highly customized to that specific set of hardware. That’s something PC just can’t do with games. So while a 9Tflop GPU may struggle to hit those performance markers on PC, it is quite conceivable that a highly customized 6Tflop console GPU could outperform it.


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