Ahead of Xbox Scorpio release, a number of developers are creating games that will run on Scorpio in Native 4K. One of the recently revealed game World of Tanks is speculated to be available on Xbox Scorpio.

The World of Tanks is a massively popular Xbox One, PS4, and PC title. The World of Tanks developer has said that this popular MMO will fully support the new Xbox Scorpio console.

“We plan to fully support Scorpio and are already running on it at full 4K resolution. And it looks fantastic,” a message from the development team states.

This news follows another story about the Xbox Scorpio that reveals that the Xbox Scorpio could face some serious problems on it’s Holiday 2017 release.

It seems that the Scorpio could be facing the shortage of some blockbuster games. This follows the confirmation that no more AAA category Halo games will be launching for Xbox One this year.

Frank O’Connor, Halo franchise director, was recently speaking in an interview with GamesTM. He dais that the developer will not be releasing anything this year.

HE further stated that

“This holiday we don’t have a huge triple-A individual game coming out. So, this year can be a good year to get our heads down on the next big things.”

This means that there is going to be a big shortage of games on Xbox One. Similarly, there won’t be any blockbuster games as well. However, on the upcoming E3, more announcements from the developer are expected. The E3 gaming Expo is going to take place on June 11th, Sunday at 4 pm in the US and 10 pm in the UK.

The latest Xbox Scorpio release suggests that the console will get out with a higher price tag than previously expected.

According to some reports, Microsoft is going to release the full price of Xbox Scorpio on the upcoming E3 gaming expo. However, some experts and analysts suggest some possible prices for the Xbox Scorpio in both US and UK.

While talking to MCV, Garry Williams from the Sold Out Sales suggests that the console could cost a bit higher and will be offered in $644 in the US. He also suggests that the console will be available in the UK for about £499 if the Microsoft uses the Brexit as an excuse to heighten the prices.

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What’s the original price of the console, it will only be revealing on the E3 by Microsoft. Fans will have to wait a little bit longer as the E3 is not so far away now. Hopefully, the Xbox Scorpio will come out with a more affordable price. This will also allow fans to not only buy it with ease but to enjoy games on it as well.