There is very little chance that the Ryzen is inside the Xbox Scorpio. Apart from the cost, it would also add to the power consumption and especially the heat. The heat the 6TF GPU alone will produce will be quite substantial, adding a beefy CPU on the same die would need a beefy cooling solution. Plus it includes a lot more feature that the console would not need. What we might see is a Ryzen based mobile variant, otherwise, most likely it will be Puma+.

xbox scorpio vr
via pcworld

Xbox Scorpio might not have AMD Ryzen in it

The Xbox Scorpio might be the most expensive and powerful console on launch. But we doubt MS did not learn from the XBO launch about the right price. And adding the AMD Ryzen on top of what is very much looking like a cut-down Vega GPU would make the console too expensive for most to consider.

We expect it to be AMD’s Puma, improved version of Jaguar with lower power usage but higher clocks. Jaguar couldn’t go higher than 2.1ghz. This is why the PS4 Pro maxed it at that. However, it’s actually power limitations that limited the old clock speed. The newer clock speed is only higher because they shrunk the process to one that is more power efficient. They also did that so they could mirror the graphics card on the same die.

It’s basically two 4 core on the same die and two graphics cards on the same die now. Instead of two 4core and one graphics card. Plus the increased clock speed. They really wanted to keep the hardware as close to identical as possible so it could be backward compatible with 100% perfection instead of bad software emulation.


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