Mark Cerny, the lead architect for the PS4 Pro, is at it again with a whole bunch of crap that can be easily disproved. And we’re going to do just that. If you don’t know what he said, well basically he implied that Xbox Scorpio can’t do true 4K gaming at 6 TFLOPS because you need at least 8 TFLOPS. However, this is completely false as we will explain here.

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Mark Cerny thinks Xbox Scorpio can’t do true 4K Gaming because it has only 6 TFLOPs

As soon as Cerny said you needed 8TFlops for native 4K, we went back and watched the PS4 Pro reveal, in which he states the games on the pro basically get to about 75% of the way to native 4K and then upscales the rest of the way on 4.2TFlops. Why would you need a further 4TFlops to do the other 25% of the work to reach native 4K? Oh! that’s right because it doesn’t. Divide 75 by 3 that gives you 25 then divide 4.2 by 3 that gives you 1.4. So, 1.4 = 25% and add that to the original 75%. 4.2 + 1.4 = 5.6 and that’s what the pro would need to achieve native 4K.

So, Cerny’s comments are basic crap and at the same time, it becomes obvious that the 6TFlops the Xbox Scorpio has which is more than what the pro would need to do native 4K can handle native 4K resolutions.

We should hope the Pro hits 8 gigaflops considering that’s a hell of a lot less power than the PS3 had. The PS4 pro does not hit 8 TFlops, that’s a theoretical number that was thrown out by Cerny. If a game used 16-bit half precision floating points in its creation, which no game does, and if it could hit 8 TFlops there would be no need for the checkerboard rendering, which by the way only comes into play once the pro has determined the native resolution of the game being played. In most cases that will be 1800p then checkerboard rendering gets to work to make up the final 360p to give you the 2160p output. Some games will be native 1440p and some will be native 1080p then checkerboard rendering makes up the difference to 2160p on those as well.


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