Xbox’s Phil Spencer has announced that they are aiming for a console price-point with Project Scorpio. This could mean that Project Scorpio won’t compete with high-level PCs but mid-range ones.

xbox scorpio vr
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Xbox Project Scorpio’s rumored price point suggests a different story

We usually don’t trust these kinds of comparisons. Especially when people talk about teraflops. Even on the same architecture, it doesn’t translate correctly in performance. For example, an RX 480 is 20% more ‘powerful’ than an RX 470, but almost identical in performance.

Furthermore, we know GPUs have been getting very cheap lately. But an RX 480 is not a “mid-range” card. The 1050 ti or 960 are mid-range with cards like the 750ti or below being low range.

People have said 4K at 60 FPS isn’t doable. But with enough optimization, and at Medium – High Settings, it just might be achieved. Most likely not on every title, but we believe it can be achieved with a mixture of Low, Medium and High Settings with AA turned off. Because it’s not needed at 4K. People immediately assume it can’t at Ultra settings, and that’s a fair point, but nobody said Scorpio would be aiming for Ultra settings at 4K.

This could help PC gamers get some better competition with games having better optimization for AMD hardware. We could also start seeing, although highly unlikely, TVs coming out with Free-sync built-in, aimed at console gamers. There are a lot of possibilities here.


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