When Nintendo Switch launched, it was priced too high that surprised almost all the consumers. Now, with possible Xbox Scorpio price tags, an analyst suggests that it could cause some serious problems for the console.

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It is highly likely that the Xbox Scorpio will be presented for retail with a high premium price tag. This could happen because of its high-end hardware and specs. However, both of Xbox Scorpio’s design and prices are scheduled to be revealed at the E3 gaming expo. According to an analyst, if the Xbox Scorpio’s prices are too high, it’ll be a problem for the console. It’ll also be difficult for the manufacturer to reach out to a maximum number of sales.

As portrayed and clearly said by Microsoft, Xbox Scorpio will be a premium console packed with state of the art specs and 4K support. It’s highly likely that the console will cost a little high than the normal market rates.

Wedbush Securities’ analyst Michael Pachter has his say on the new Xbox Scorpio about the possible costs of the console. Pachter says that it’s possible that the console will be priced high upon its launch but there are certain limits to how high actually the price can go.

Pachter recently talked to GamingBolt and he said that-

“I’m not competent to figure out what the components cost, nor to understand the power, other than to say. It looks more powerful than a PS4 Pro. I would guess that it will launch around the same $400 or so. If it’s priced higher, it may not sell very well.”

Gamespot has also released a report based on their own analysis and they have some hypothetical prices for the Xbox Scorpio. A number of their team members have taken part in the analysis.

So, according to Gamespot’s analysis, six team members were asked for the Xbox Scorpio’s prices and four of them suggested that the console will be priced at $500. However, the other two members of the team suggested that the Scorpio’s prices will be $400 to $450.

If the Scorpio does launch with a price tag of $500, it can go both ways for the Microsoft.

Hopefully, when the Xbox Scorpio launches, it’ll offer some affordable prices. If not, it could end up with low sales and heavy criticism from the critics. If the price goes way high, it’ll definitely be difficult for a maximum number of fans to buy it and that will lead to possible market failure for Microsoft.

What’s your say on the Xbox Scorpio prices? Let us know about your guesses via the comments below.


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