Xbox One news from the past week include the consoles support for four more classic Halo series titles, the Fable Fortune Early Access delay and causes, new Ark Survival Evolved Update, and 5 new upcoming Xbox One games.

xbox one weekly news

All of these news stories are from the past week and are some of the most trending ones. If you’ve missed them last week, don’t worry. You can definitely have a look at them now and enjoy knowing about the developments from past week.

Four New Halo Franchise Titles On Xbox One

Fans were disappointed as there was no news about the Halo series games or any new developments discussed on the E3 Gaming Expo 2017. But now Microsoft has finally broken the silence and a good news is echoed by the tech giant. Microsoft has confirmed that Four Classic Halo Series titles will soon debut on Xbox One. The console will offer full support for the upcoming Halo titles.

According to What Microsoft shared, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo CE Anniversary will be joining the Xbox One. The developer stated in a blog post that the release date and time will be revealed soon. It is expected to be revealed this week on the RTX Austin Gaming Conference.

Users can already play some of the older Halo games on Xbox One via the Remastered Editions. But, this new announcement is more important as it will allow users to use their old disks as well. The Multiplayer Cross-Play will also be available between the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Fable Fortune Early Access Delayed on Xbox One

Another one of the past week’s trending news is the delay in the Fable Fortune Early Access. The game is a Collectible Card Game set in the Fable Universe. The Early access for the game was scheduled to debut this week on July 11. But, for some unknown reasons, it is now delayed until July 25th, 2017.

According to the latest reports, an administration hiccup is the possible cause of delay the early access of Fable Fortune. This is mainly why Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl are not able to make the Early Access available.

As mentioned on the Fable Fortune Official Blog, the game’s early access is delayed because of an administrative error that will directly affect the Xbox One. Furthermore, it is also stated that to maintain a simultaneous Fable Fortune release on all major platforms, the studio has pushed the release date to the end of the month.

Ark Survival Evolved Update

On July 7th, a new Ark Survival Evolved update was deployed by the game developer. The new Ark update is here reportedly to fix all kinds of major bugs that the fans were facing on the console. According to the developer, the hotfixes that Xbox One needed earlier won’t be required anymore.

The update also brings in several bug fixes, Visual quality, overall user experience improvements, and system stability are the most prominent features of the new Ark Survival Evolved update.

In addition, the new update has brought in several new items including new Dinos, weapons, etc. The main focus of the new update is to fix the crashing issues. According to Studio Wildcard, new bug fixes along with several stability tweaks have been applied to the game.

Furthermore, the Studio has also stated that they are currently working on a number of more Ark Survival updates that will be deployed to overcome all of the remaining issues. The upcoming updates are expected to contain a number of bug fixes, QOL Changes, Visual Improvements, and Gameplay tweaks.

5 New Games About To make Debut On Xbox One

Another one of the Past week’s fantastic news for all the hardcore Xbox One gamers is the arrival of 5 new games. These games are now confirmed to land on the console between July 10 and July 14, 2017. According to Xbox Wire, all these upcoming games are highly recommended for the fans who’ve been eluded before because of the timid marketing tactics.

The surprisingly amazing titles that are about to make a debut on Xbox One include, Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two, Deadcore, Serial Cleaner, The Hunting Simulator, and Black The Fall. Check out more about the upcoming Xbox One titles here. Apart from the ones mentioned above, Xbox One is also getting the much awaited Iron Crypticle and Runbow soon with the Games With Gold program.

There are not a lot of titles coming out on Xbox One this week but the ones that are coming out are absolutely stunning. So, do try them out and enjoy playing them.


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