The latest Xbox One update for the month of March is finally here. The new update adds a new Home screen to the console as well as additional new streaming and broadcasting options.

The Xbox One’s Dashboard has been given a revamp in this new March 2017 update. The console is now offering a new Home screen on which the fans will be enjoying the new menus by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.

The New Home Screen

Lots of other additional options are also now speed uped and the fans will now have one less menu layer for a speedy reach to the sub menus. Microsoft has a lot to say about the new Xbox One changes. Following is the brief of what they had to say about the new Home screen and additional new streaming options.

“One of the first things you’ll notice with this update is a new look for Home on Xbox One. We made these changes to simplify the UI and increase overall system performance. To do that, we’ve optimized for speed and are prioritizing the most valuable content for your games.

Now, you’ll see a smaller icon for the game with options to dive deeper into the community surrounding the game, as well as the ability to interact with your Club or find Looking for Group posts, view your Achievements and more. If you do not have a custom background set, you’ll see that the updated Home also spotlights the game you’re currently playing by featuring hero art as your Xbox background.”

It seems like Microsoft had something to do with the Multitasking when they designed this new update for the Xbox One. They further added in the comment that

“In addition to adding a new start page to Guide, we’re also evolving the way gamers multitask on Xbox One. To simplify discoverability and to make it easier to get to the things you care about most, our multitasking features were designed with the new Guide in mind.

We’ve added a new achievement tracker that is active based on the game you’re playing and allows you to select and follow multiple achievements in an overlay, all while you’re playing. Cortana will also appear as an overlay on your screen, allowing you to set reminders and alarms, access Party controls, and play music with simple voice controls.”

The new Xbox One update further improves the cluttered overlays as well. Previously fans had to deal with this problem but now it seems resolved and that’s really a big deal. It feels a little odd not having to run into the cluttered overlays and not being able to return to the Home Screen, but it’s definitely a positive change that saves a lot of time and effort while playing the games on Xbox One.

New Streaming Options

Another major change the fans will witness on the Xbox One after the new update is the new Streaming Options. These new streaming options are added to the Xbox One via Beam. The beam is something about what the fans were teased a lot before. It now is available on the Xbox One for fans finally.

According to Microsoft, Beam is a key example of the unification. This new option is available for all the console players. More Beam features will be available from April 11 for all the PC players as well.

Furthermore, the Beam will allow the players to create more stuff for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One that will allow them to stream game plays while playing the games and interact with the community in real time while having low latency. The players will need no extra hardware to enjoy the Beam.

It has started from today and fans are now able to stream their Xbox One gameplay directly from their consoles. Fans can now fully manage their Beam broadcasts and interact with all the fans via the chat overlays that appear on their screens. It’s so easy to broadcast the gameplay now even for the ones who have never before broadcasted the gameplay ever. No extra software is needed to use Beam on Xbox One.

Once the fans are able to start streaming, the  Beam makes it easy to interact with the fellow players and allows the fans to connect with them no matter from where they are playing the games. If you are having a difficult time finding the Beam viewing app, you’ll find it in “My Games and Apps.”

Following are the Key points for the new Xbox One update:

  • Fans are now able to stream the Xbox One gameplay Directly from the Guide using the Beam.
  • Fans will now be easily able to utilize the Beam viewing app. This app lets you watch other people’s broadcasts, chat with fans, and interact with all the streamers you want.
  • This update brings speed to the home guide and streaming. Fans will now be able to multitask and manage the gameplay. They will now be able to enjoy new screen time limits and update today’s digital family.

The New Xbox One update is definitely a major one. It has brought some of the changes that were required from a very long time. Hopefully, all the fans will now be able to enjoy playing games on it and streaming at the same time. It’ll definitely change the way fans looked at the console before.


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