The video games console industry is in free fall. When we glance back at this era, we could be left pondering where 100 Million gamers of consoles have gone. It shows up many individuals are disappointed with the Xbox One and PS4 and are leaving their consoles.

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128 million Xbox One, PS4 and other console gamers don’t care for their consoles any longer

Math does not lie. It doesn’t make a difference how you like to look at it. Regardless of the possibility that the December 2015 period matches 2014 for deals. Besides, even that isn’t looking likely in light of the current year’s patterns. 2016 will at present come in five million console deals shy of 2015. We’ve achieved the center of this era and exhaustion is beginning to set in sooner than anticipated.

By weariness, we imply that the capacity to change over a potential group of onlookers into a card-conveying console gathering of people has achieved its basic point on the present consoles. The Wii U has since a long time ago slowed down. Be that as it may, the Xbox One keeps on offering, yet at a slower rate as compared to 2015. Then again, while the PS4 keeps on offering generally well, it too is required to see a descending pattern in 2016.

The PS4 and Xbox One will begin their foreseen year-on-year unit deals decrease in just their third years. Two years sooner than the seventh era. In 2015, the year saw the PS4 (17.5 million), Xbox One (8.5 million) and Wii U (3.5 million) contribute 29.5 million consoles to the general install base. It’s a development of 13% on 2014.

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