An early introduction is regularly an enduring one, and this is as much valid for a video game console’s dispatch as it is a limp handshake or an absence of eye contact. Sega took in the most difficult way possible with the Saturn. Sony with the PS3, and Microsoft with the Xbox One. Winning a “console war” requires a solid start. It is more than simply making a buzz by touting bleeding edge tech, however. It is about ensuring a force is set up and afterward keeps on snowballing.

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Xbox One Project Scorpio Is Microsoft’s Last Chance

Microsoft is presently trying to execute that procedure with its upcoming Project Scorpio console, and everything will begin with another E3 meeting date. By propelling that date, Microsoft means to forcefully plant its flagpole in the ground. Triumphantly touting its upcoming coming Project Scorpio console, and managing itself some additional time for gamers to marinate on its specs. It’s a sharp move, bolder and less responsive than what we’ve seen from Microsoft this era. Yet there’s still a major potential issue with Scorpio’s outline that could undermine that activity.

Having been soundly beaten monetarily by Sony’s PS4, Microsoft is somewhat needing to hit the reset button, and they are recapturing some energy. Scorpio ought to give the ideal stage to accomplish that. It is a definitive reaction to PS4 Pro that moves the goalposts, such long ways past its opposition that it adequately reevaluates the whole game. Scorpio ought to encourage designers to make prettier, bigger, and more aggressive games than anything accessible on PlayStation.

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Source: Game Informer

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    Last I checked, Sony was damn near BANKRUPT with all their FAILED divisions. Yet, MS makes 25 Billion a Quarter and the biased media screams, “Game Over Xbox”. Heck, MS is soon releasing the Netflix of Gaming.
    Sony’s stock is barely hanging on these days 🙂

  • Reverend Slim

    Microsoft doesn’t have to beat Sony in sales to be financially successful in the console space, any more than Nintendo does. The notion that this is their “last chance” is asinine. Sales across all three brands are robust, and the competition has driven each of them to be better.