While the PlayStation 4 already has a lead when it comes to streaming content to the PC, the Xbox One is not one to be left behind. Talking on the Major Nelson Radio podcast, Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry Hryb mentioned that he’s interested in not only Xbox One to PC streaming, but he wants that streaming to be over the Internet.

Xbox One

DualShockers reports that Hryb has been talking to the team that is currently working on the app to stream Xbox One games to PC. He also mentioned that he will push for them to implement a beta option to stream content to the PC over the Internet. This would essentially allow you to have your Xbox One anywhere in the world, streaming content over onto your PC.

Hryb understands it isn’t a foolproof idea, however, and concedes that it wouldn’t work in many situations due to low bandwidth, and that non-core users would clog up support services with calls. Despite this, he plans to push for a beta version of the feature. Hryb also talked about providing more premium features for Xbox fans, such as the Xbox One Elite Controller, and let drop that Microsoft will hose “a couple of days of live shows” at E3 this year. Expect “some cool stuff”.


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