So the Xbox One (Xbox One S to be exact) has outsold the PlayStation 4 in the United States for 4 months straight. Why have circumstances changed and why is Microsoft enjoying a surge in console sales? We personally want Xbox to do well. If Xbox does well, Sony will hopefully stop slacking on PS Plus games and actually improve the PS4 with new features.

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Xbox One outsold the PS4 again for the 4th month

The reason why the PS4 slim isn’t selling as well as the Xbox one is simple. Millions of gamers already have the original PS4, so why get the slim? The PS4 PRO is out just now, so who is going to buy the slim right now? However, a lot of people are attributing this failure to the lack of a BluRay player in the PS4 Slim, we think otherwise.

In 2006 Sony released the PS3. That had blu-ray. Xbox used HD DVD. Sony was way ahead of the game. The PS3 was priced at 500 to 600 dollars depending which PS3 you wanted. PS3’s blu-ray didn’t help it sell, it hindered it. Blue ray was one of the main reasons it was overpriced. Gamers or rather gamer’s parents didn’t think blu-ray was a selling point. The PS3 had a horrible launch for a year and half. Multi-Platform games like Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, and Metal Gear Solid were all Sony exclusives. But, since the launch of PS3 was so bad, those exclusives bailed on Sony.

Why didn’t Sony put Blu-ray in the PS4 Pro?

Sony of 2016, doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Sony isn’t going to put a 4k blu-ray player in an old system. That would lead to a price increase. Sony is not going to give consumers high priced console after the backlash they received ten years ago. They would literally be repeating the same mistake they made a decade ago. In Summary, if blue ray didn’t help sell the PS3, why would it help sell the PS4?

Secondly, the blu-ray in the Xbox is an average blue ray player. If you want a badass blue ray player, buy a Samsung standalone. To be honest, every Xbox fanboy is circle jerking each other because the Scorpio is a “fresh start” to them. They think it’s going to turn the tide. Sony has over double the sales of Microsoft overall since its release. Microsoft would have to damn near triple their production to meet and then surpass Sony which would be god like if that happened but it’s not.

Most importantly, the only the country on the planet (literally) that actually gives a damn about Xbox is America. PS4 is a global phenomenon, Xbox is only an American fetish. If Americans woke up tomorrow morning not buying an Xbox, the Xbox would be dead in the water.


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