Xbox One news roundup from the past week includes some of the hottest and trending news such as the Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass launch on Xbox One, SoundCloud availability on Xbox One, Dungeon Defenders 2 Reveal, and Far Cry 5 PS4 Exclusive Content availability on the Xbox One consoles.

All these news are some of the most trending ones from the past week. If you’ve missed them out somehow, here’s a brief roundup for you to enjoy.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Launched On Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, the monthly game subscription service for Xbox One is now available for all the hardcore Xbox One fans. Anyone who owns an Xbox One console can now download games via the Xbox Game pass. This particular service from Microsoft went live last week for all the Xbox Gold subscription members, but it is now fully available for all those who’ve got an Xbox console or players who’ve got $9.99 to subscribe to this service on a monthly basis.

The Xbox games library includes over a 100 amazing titles including both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Instead of streaming games over the internet connection, the Xbox Game Pass lets you download your favorite titles locally to your consoles.

In addition, all the new members are termed to have a 14-day free trial as well. The Xbox Game Pass library includes titles such as Halo 5 and lots of other marquee games and a whole bunch of the classic games as well. So, if you’ve missed out some classics, you can now have them all to enjoy big time.

SoundCloud Is Now Available On Xbox One

SoundCloud on Xbox One, how cool is that? Well, this remarkable music streaming service just came online on Xbox One last week. All the Xbox One users can now download a SoundCloud app on their console and listen to millions of new and old tracks online. The fans will have to make a SoundCloud account though, but that’s mandatory on every other platform as well, so not a big deal.

Fans can enjoy both paid and free content on the SoundCloud via their Xbox One consoles as well and they can certainly be enjoying the music while playing the games. Ass compared to all other major platforms of this nature, Xbox One is the first one to get the SoundCloud app. This is indeed an amazing treat for all the Xbox One fans.

On all other platforms such as Windows 10, Mac, etc. the SoundCloud apps are currently in works and will be released shortly. So if you haven’t yet downloaded the SoundCloud app on your Xbox One console, now is the time.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Reveal for Xbox One

The Dungeon Defenders 2 have been available on Steam and PS4 since the early access version of the game launched back in 2014. This was rather a disappointing news for all the Xbox One fans as the game’s early access or any other version ever launched on the console. But all that going to change soon as the Dungeon Defenders 2 is releasing on Xbox One on June 20th, 2017.

The news came in via the Chief Executive Officer, Marco Busse at Trendy Entertainment, who also mentioned that the game will be Free to Play on Xbox One. Busse further talked about the upcoming Tower Defense and RPG that;

“We’re very excited to finally be able to bring the Dungeon Defenders franchise back to the Xbox platform. Dungeon Defenders II expands on the combination of shared action and tactics that made the original game so enjoyable, and that experience has only continued to evolve as we’ve grown it alongside our incredible community through early access.”

Dungeon Defenders 2 is a fantastic amalgamation of fantastic Action, RPG and Tower Defense genres. The game offers elements such as amazing loots, unique characters, heroes level ups, and loads more to discover. Building defenses, repelling waves of enemies, and progressing in the game are some of the coolest of aspects that the game offers.

It was also revealed about the game that it will come with both Singleplayer and Co-op Multiplayer game modes. Players will be able to enjoy a 4 player co-op play as well as Split-screen local Co-op. As mentioned earlier, the game will be free to play but will allow you to purchase various in-game items such as Heroes, Pets, Costumes, Tower Skins, Inventory items and space and much more.

So, finally for all the hardcore Tower Defense, RPG and Action games fans on Xbox One, The Dungeon Defenders 2 is going to release on 20 June. How excited are you about its release, Do let us know via the comments.

Far Cry 5 – PS4 Exclusive Content Availability on Xbox One

A massive reveal event for the most-anticipated Far Cry 5 took place and release date for the game was revealed along with several other crucial information. According to the latest reveal, the Far Cry 5 is going to release on February 27, 2018, and it’ll debut on all major platforms including Xbox One on the same date.

It was previously thought that the game will lack all the exclusive content that it is entitled to get on PS4. However, the new information about the game suggests that the Xbox One fans won’t be missing out the exclusive content at all. So, now all those fans who’ve two controllers, will not be missing the local adventures as well.

After the big Far Cry 5 reveal and the news of Exclusive Content availability only on PS4, new information has surfaced on the web that suggests that the fans will indeed get all the exclusive content on Xbox One as well. but, if they have to get the exclusive content, they’ll need Uplay units to purchase the games exclusive content.

In reality, it not less than a real treat for all the hardcore Far Cry series games fans on Xbox One. They’ll now be able to receive the Skin pack with the purchase as well. So, if you are an Xbox One fans and you previously missed out on this news, now you know it all. You can find more detailed information on the PS4 exclusive content for Xbox One here.


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