This week’s news about the Xbox One includes a bunch of goodies for all the diehard fans of the console. You’ll be delighted to know that there are games coming your way with Gold March 2017 update. You’ll also have the delights of Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Update and the Project Scorpio.

Games with Gold March 2017

The following line-up of games with gold will definitely be adding up a good games time to your schedule. The following games are confirmed by Microsoft for Games with Gold March 2017.

  1. Game: Layers of Fear
    Availability: from March 1 to 31
    Platform: Xbox One
  1. Game: Evolve Ultimate Edition
    Availability: From March 16 to April 15
    Platform: Xbox One
  1. Game: Borderlands 2
    Availability: March 1st to 15
    Platform: Xbox One and Xbox 360
  1. Game: Heavy Weapon
    Availability: From March 16 to 31st
    Platform: Xbox One and Xbox 360

All the above-mentioned games will be available as a part of this “Games with Gold March” update. Download them when they are available and enjoy an ultimate Xbox One exclusive collection of best games of the year.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Mode Update

Another top trending news of the week is that BioWare is about to release an update for Mass Effect Andromeda that will add Multiplayer mode support to the game. The news further revealed that in Multiplayer mode of Mass Effect Andromeda, players will not be able to changes the character faces while in multiplayer mode, but they’ll enjoy a lot more of the other customization options.

The producer never revealed any more of the news related to the game and he ended his talk with the fact that Mass Effect Andromeda will have more jumping enemies and the players will be able to slay them by wielding the Salarians Swords.

This update will also change the Single-player mode a bit. The game’s single-player mode will not have any Level-cap now. This means that the fans will now have to play the game multiple times to unlock and max out to any skill that’s available in the game.

BioWare further stated that in single –player mode, players will not have any support for body customizations. However, they’ll be able to enjoy these features in Multiplayer mode.

Different planets in the game will now have their own separate stories. These stories will be available for players to enjoy. This statement was made by the Creative Director of Mass Effect Andromeda, Mac Walters on Official Xbox Magazine.

Xbox One Project Scorpio

Another attention worthy news of the week is about Xbox One Project Scorpio. The release of Project Scorpio will definitely help put the extra teraflops to some good use after all. It is believed that the Xbox One Project Scorpio will launch with a brand new innovative Dashboard. This will help take advantage of all the extra horsepower.

According to the latest Windows Central resources, The Project Scorpio will be using a similar design and language as Microsoft`s Windows 10. It will also boost something exciting to new limits.

A bunch of other sources on the internet has claimed that the Project Scorpio will be using a similar Project NEON theme and design. Keep in mind that Windows 10 have the same Project NEON design and Theme as well. The extra power of Scorpio will be able to create something very interestingly impressive with regards to its visuals.

How it all turns out to be? Well, to know that we’ll simply have to wait until the Project Scorpio release. One thing’s for sure! Project Scorpio will definitely be robust than the Traditional Xbox One consoles.

This specific News about the Project Scorpio came out just a few days after Microsoft has revealed the dates of its E3 Conference. Microsoft has also told the media to mark the dates of the gigantic gaming expo and they will have the briefing on Sunday instead of the traditional Monday slot.


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